McDonald’s created an atmosphere of Inspiration and Celebration at The City of Praise Church in Landover, MD. For over a decade they have been celebrating the black community through initiatives like 365 Black and Black and Positively Golden, with the purpose to showcase the goodness within the community and highlight movers and shakers who are impacting the community in a major way. One of those highlights is their; Inspiration Celebration Gospel Tour that has been happening all across the country since 2006. The 2019 concert series features a variety of powerhouse singers such as national gospel recording artists Kierra Sheard, Donald Lawrence, Tye Tribett, Sir the Baptist and Keke Wyatt. While many may know Keke Wyatt for her high notes and R&B grooves, this songstress has a church vocalist background; she says, “I grew up in the church and I love gospel music. I love the feeling behind the music and for me, it’s something that makes me feel good. It’s something that I always knew I would come back too. I love R&B because I sing about love and what people go through in relationships. But gospel, I’m expressing gratitude to God for his love and the things that he has done for me.”

Keke who is now pregnant with her 10th child, who also recently remarried in 2018, is in a much happier space than ever and is glowing, “Life has been treating me well. I’m working on myself to be a better mother, a better wife, a better me and creating new music. I know all these amazing things that are happening for me are because of my faith in God. Singing gospel is always something that was in me, so I’m not surprised to be here in this moment”. The Gospel tour is set to hit 3 more cities after this Washington, DC stop; Orlando, Tallahassee, and Houston, and Keke has no plans to stop even while pregnant; “Singing is such a part of who I am, that it is natural for me to do it. I sing around the house and to my kids. I’m always humming, I just love music and using my voice. That’s what God gave it to me for”. On if she plans to go fully gospel and release a gospel album, she says; “You all will have to just wait and see”.

The gospel tour also focuses on the Black and Positively Golden mission to honor academic achievers who are excelling at HBCU’s. McDonald’s along with their partner; The Thurgood Marshall College Fund, awarded two scholars; Joshua Baker and Ariana Griggs, who both attend Alabama A&M University in Huntsville, Al with $10,0000 scholarships each. The students were flown to Washington, DC with all the perks courtesy of McDonald’s to the tour stop. Joshua Baker says; “I’m a graduate student at Alabama A&M University, I completed my undergraduate studies there as well. I experienced one of the worst losses imaginable, which was my mother. Having faith in God is what helped me get through it. Graduating and finishing my degree is what I know would make her proud and moving into my graduate studies to build my career in Social Work has always been my goal. I want to serve my community and make a difference. Thanks to McDonald’s and The Thurgood Marshall College Fund I will be able to complete my master’s degree in Social Work.”

Black and Positively Golden is making a positive mark in the community and strives to create events that are uplifting and engaging. They are saluting the community through scholarship and service and they are leaving a legacy of greatness.


Featured Image provided by Burell Communications