25 years ago, M.A.C. launched its iconic Viva Glam Lipstick in order to fight against HIV and AIDS. The brand collaborated with RuPaul in order to launch the campaign and to no surprise, it was as successful as ever!

The campaign gave 100% of the proceeds to the M.A.C. AIDS Fund. In order to celebrate the brand’s amazing mark in history, they brought back the original Viva Glam shade but this time, it comes with a little twist. The lipstick is now in a sparkly, crimson tube.

Model, Winnie Harlow recreated the first Viva Glam campaign image and its everything!

Through the efforts of the OG beauty brand, they raised $500 million for 1,800 organizations that support the 19 million people that live with HIV and AIDS. This year, for the first time in 25 years, M.A.C. also want to help charities specific to women and girls and the LGBTQ+ community under the new name, VIVA GLAM Fund. The organizations include Girls, Inc, GLAAD, and Planned Parenthood.

One lipstick just isn’t enough right? Right, that’s why M.A.C. is blessing us with three! They will also be selling their Viva Glam II (a mauve) and III (a brownish-plum) all proceeds will be donated to the VIVA GLAM Fund.

Each lipstick can be purchased at any M.A.C. counter or store and on the official website. They retail for $18.50 each!



Featured Image: Shutterstock