Dr. M. Stanley Butler is a man of many accomplishments and holds himself, his business, and the things that he puts his hands to with the highest regards. He is an author, teacher, and keynote speaker. The title “infopreneur” has been bestowed upon him because he is such a resource to others. “When I was living in Ohio, I served as an assistant pastor and director of Christian education. I spoke before small groups and conference audiences on numerous topics. However, what became evident was my message being aimed at developing leadership, says Dr. Butler”.

Dr. Butler provides developmental services to nonprofit leaders. At his core, he is a man who recognizes potential in others and makes efforts to bring that potential to reality. When asked why is he so passionate about helping others start a non-profit, Dr. Butler stated,”It’s been said that nonprofit work is God’s work. Nonprofits are generally driven by a vision to help others, whether they are a specific people group, a community, or a cause. It’s the nonprofit community that seeks to be the solution to some sort of problem that is existent within society. It is that altruistic drive that gains my attention and support.

Dr. Butler business, Striving Toward Excellence in Public Service (STEPS), Inc. is a nonprofit organization that bridges the gap between the public and nonprofit sectors through management, education, developmental servicing, and collaborative efforts. Our outreach efforts are aimed at working directly with nonprofit organizations to aid in their maturation of programs and expansion of their reach and impact. “I intend to progress my institute to the point of accreditation. My youth organization [ministry] will be collaborating with churches in a sort of franchise relationship, and my publishing company will be established to the point of providing national distribution of books and music for Christian authors and artists. Coaching is part of my management style in that I believe in investing in others to develop them professionally and spiritually. As a practice, I believe in challenging others to delve deeper, reach higher,  and think critically as catalysts for growth. As a service, I provide coaching to professionals who may need assistance identifying areas of opportunity or are desirous of professional growth and development for themselves or within their organization’s leadership”, says Dr. Butler.

It takes the discernment to recognize a need, a vision to meet that need, and a commitment to follow through until personal success is achieved.

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