It’s no surprise that it was a sold out, packed house during NYFW for Mac Duggal’s spring 2017 collection, 1,500 attendees to be exact. Everyone wants an invite to Mac’s runway during fashion week. His gorgeous and elegant dresses are second to none. Mac is a trendsetter, and has not only set the trend in fashion, but with various sized models, too. The true beauty of it, is that Mac Duggal incorporates regular and plus size models on his runway, which sends a message to millions within the world, that it is okay to love your body, no matter your body type or size, and that you’re still beautiful regardless. The positivity of this, is much needed in today’s society, due to the amount of body shaming that women endure on a daily basis. To see this showcased on the runway, during NYFW, is priceless, and is something that should become the fashion world’s new normal.

Mac is definitely not new to this. He has dressed some of Hollywood’s finest. Walking the biggest fashion stage in the world, alongside professional models was Arissa Le Brock, who is the star of the reality series, “Growing Up Supermodel” on Lifetime. Le Brock’s mother Kelly Le Brock, was also in attendance to show her support of her beautiful daughter, and boy did Arissa look stunning. To capture the essence and true beauty of Mac Duggal’s designs, you would have to be in attendance to see his work in person, and trust us when we say, you would be in awe too. Mac Duggal’s work has always been jaw dropping beautiful

Some names that you may recognize that were in attendance, were Nick Cannon, Deontay Wilder, Kelly Le Brock, Gabriela Dias, Sonja Kovac, Halima Aden, and Roxy Earle to name a few. Mac Duggal continues to be the preferred go to designer, that not only keeps up with what is fashionable, but always classy.