Who says celebrities should have all the fun with the glitz and glamour of make-up. Thanks to many MUAs across the globe on Instagram and countless how-to videos, someone who doesn’t know a thing about make-up can become inspired to conquer the world with relentless confidence from enhancing their beauty. Well, we have four MUA’s you should be on the lookout for in 2019. Be sure to follow them on Instagram so you can get some of the best visuals daily and keep up with them. You never know, they might be in a city near you.

Stacy C. Uzuh

Bridal and Beauty Make-up Artist Stacy Uzuh began her journey as the owner of contemporary brand Fashionique Jewelry and Boutique-located in her hometown of Austin, Texas. During this time, Kerry Washington served as a model and spokeswoman for the famed Cover Girl Cosmetics and Stacy was instantly enamored. This magazine cover would serve as the key inspiration behind her desire to grab every makeup product needed to achieve the look. Stacy would then began to mimic other inspirational and iconic looks drawing motivation and creativity from her collegiate background in theatre and costume design. Stacy has been able to partner with Eden Body Works, Obia Naturals and Mielle Organics for various projects. When it comes to collaboration, she believes that you are much stronger and impactful as a cooperative than as an individual, especially when everyone equally has a genuine love, respect, and appreciation for the industry as well as for each other. Recently she launched the StaceFace GlowGetter Palette under the umbrella of her business; StaceFace Cosmetics and looks forward to expanding her knowledge and reach by adding more products and services to the StaceFace Beauty Brand.

2019 beauty tip: It’s okay to be superwoman, but even super babes need rest, water and a good exfoliant!

Photo Credit: ShotbyDporter

Candace Turner

Credit: Bryan Mckenny Photography

“Anything is possible..”

Mississippi based MUA, Candace Turner started out as a little girl being an afficianada to the world of creativity. After graduating from Alcorn State University, she went into overdrive with developing her craft by posting videos and producing live feeds as her followers began to grow. Her business started with doing makeup on herself then expanding into applying make-up on others. In 2016 she became a professional freelance artist and in 2017 she officially launched her business Candace Charmain Makeup Artistry. Candace started collaborating with local brands, photographers, and other MUAs around Jackson, Mississippi to grow her brand. She has dreams of one day working with high fashion brands and well-known cosmetic companies as her career progresses. Candace’s advice to others pursuing the world of a makeup artist is to try to find your own niche in the industry as well as not being afraid to collaborate with others. She stated, “I think it is a great idea to partner with others starting off so that you can get your name and brand out there. It’s always encouraging to get inspired by others especially when you experience barriers. Candace has plans to travel this year with celebrity photographer Will Sterling who has worked with ‪Letoya Luckett, Monique and many others. She’s focusing more on her campaign that celebrates black women and launching her cosmetics line this year.

2019 Beauty Tip: “Love the skin you’re in. If you do not love who you are first then nothing that you apply to enhance yourself will matter.” Her goal is to continue growing into her craft, become the best at what she does, and keep steadfast in teaching different classes to assist those who are looking to learn proper ways to apply make-up.

IG: @CandaceCharmain

Photo Credit: @BROOILY

Donniqua Montague

Photo Credit @ctephotography

“Be the best at whatever it is that you do…”

MUA Influencer and Founder of Let’s Get Minked, Donniqua Montague, became a makeup artist after she finally decided to follow her passion. Montague interest in makeup was birthed in high school. She keeps things fresh with her brand by innovating functional makeup technique & keeping her vision at the forefront of how she is publicized. Let’s Get Minked is bold, sexy and fun. Donniqua is working on #BlushInTheCityTOUR19 where she’ll grace 16 lucky cities & teaching her exclusive techniques to other MUAs around the world along with branding and marketing.

2019 beauty tip: Blend, Blend Blend your transitions!

Jazznea Baty

Photo Credit: Wonderland Exchange

A bad brow day turned into a full-time passion. In our intimate interview Jazznea stated, “Like many self-starters when you began to focus more into the industry you desire to be successful in, you have barriers.” In Jazzney’s case, it was booking editorial & beauty photoshoots, TV/ Film & mostly special event. It was about getting into the path of the right social group to platform her brand. She stated, “Working with other artists allows me to learn first and foremost and secondly build a relationship with someone that shares my own passion.” 2019 is all about taking Jaznea’s personal brand Beautéful Mink (Luxury Mink Lashes; Beaute Glamd Up) to the next level! As CEO and Founder of the brand, she is currently working on expanding her brand into stores like Sephora, Ulta, and any storefront or professional makeup online store. The million dollar black-owned business, Beautéful Minks, represents Beauté in many different forms. They stand for self-love and care which is number one!

2019 beauty tip: Using clear lash strip adhesive apply a thin layer to the lash line let it get tacky. Then press onto your lash line in the center! Easy Peasy!

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Ashelie Gabriella

“Every mentor needs a mentor…”

South Carolina based MUA Ashelie Gabriella is making waves with her exemplary talents. Starting off her journey practicing on friends and family since 2015 has lead her to slaying some of the nations top beauties in fashion shows around the country. Ashelie stated, “In 2018 I began to step out on faith and I started to question, is it for me?” Shortly thereafter, her wildest dreams came to fruition as continued to put her work at the forefront on social media and on the faces of those who believed in her abilities to enhance their beauty. Ashelie is now a Crayon Cutie with beauty mogul Raynell “Supa Cent” Steward, where she describes it as a family. Recently, Ashelie launched her Boss Girl Academy where she will be teaching financial branding on how to become an entrepreneur. She encourages those who are seeking to become a social influencer to “step outside the box” and “never get comfortable with what you are doing” in order to succeed. Ashelie stated, “I’ve built many business bonds with small business owners, beauty bloggers, local MUAs/MUEs, and so many others. I take pride in enhancing other women’s beauty and self-esteem.”

2019 beauty tip: A great skincare routine makes a bomb foundation routine!

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King Curstin

Credit: @aarondsmallsphoto

“Building relationships in this industry is very beneficial for all parties involved.”

Professional hairstylist and makeup artist King Curstin is bringing her A-game to the world of cosmetology. She’s a Houston-based artist who enjoyed doing her own make-up and didn’t really imagine she would be getting other people’s face looks together. After much admiration from others about how outstanding her make-up would be, people started to inquire for bookings at different events across the city of Houston. King began to post photos and videos on social media and the feedback she received blew her away in excitement. Her voyage had just begun, and she was able to become an entrepreneur with her skills. There were barriers when she first started off when it came to marketing herself along with knowing which products worked best for which skin type. Investing in quality hands-on training is a major plus for her as she works towards reaching GOAT status in the game. King stated, “Let’s be clear, Youtube University is awesome but I’m more of a hands-on type of woman. I’m going to be a GOAT in this game so I found someone who is already a GOAT and took a class!” King recently kicked off her first-ever ‘Look and Learn’ make-up classes and has plans to release her book, UNcovergirl. In the book, she’s giving us a mirror reflection of an artist’s strengths, struggles, and healing.

@kingcurstin on Instagram

2019 beauty tip: Oily eyelids? Before you apply your eyeshadow wipe your eyelids with witch hazel for a vibrant matte look