Mali Hunter of the world famous “Treesound Studios” and Courvoisier held a special BET dinner this year for her favorite media supporters. She surprised 20 of her TOP media outlets whom over the years have helped share, spread, and send nothing but love to her studio and clients. She surprised all of them when she personally invited them to be honored with 10 of their own guests for a night of celebration. All honorees received a gold Treesound record, special bottle of Courvoisier, and VIP treatment the entire night.


 I was flattered, shocked, and emotional to receive that late night call from “Mali” herself requesting my presence and letting me know I would be honored. Mali is one of hip-hop’s most influential voices behind the scenes of your favorite musicians, and rappers. She’s also a professional chef, and has her own segments on “ATL & CO”. This boss took time to recognize some of the people who continuously dedicate their time to support her events in a very thankless industry at times. It’s amazing to be around successful people who are still so grounded.


 Treesound Studios is home to a lot of your favorite major artists such as T.I., B.O.B., Future, Andre 3000, and many more have recorded in this studio. To be recognized on the same stage that many of my favorite artists have performed on is a blessing in general. If you record at Treesound Studios, the connections, energy, quality, and family you gain at this studio is priceless. I’m thankful to have the opportunity to be a part of the Treesound family.