Brad James is known for his role on Tyler Perry’s For Better or Worse, but now the actor is ready to show the world his many facets. He has several new projects, including two new movies Sons 2 the Grave and The Choice and a brand new season of For Better or Worse, which will began this fall. While focusing on expanding his acting career he is still able to find a balance for his personal life. The rising star shares his experience.

How he got into acting…

I was almost kind of pulled into it. I went to an audition to support a friend who was an actress, and she was showing me how she got her job, and come to find out she wanted me to sign up. We both auditioned, I got it and she didn’t. That signed me up for an acting competition. I went to New York to compete [and] I did well and won a lot of first place prizes and decided to take this career seriously.

On balancing acting and personal life…

I think in the beginning it takes a lot of getting used. The difference between the two is what I hold near and dear to my heart, which are my own personal goals and desires and needs of my family. But, other than that through my characters, I like to express a wide range of experiences that people can see. Some just know me for the comedy and others know me from action films.

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