Deon Cole is a hilarious force to be reckoned with. For twenty years, Cole has continued to make us laugh with his stand-up comedy and as a writer for shows such as Conan. Currently, he’s shining onscreen as Professor Charles (Charlie), Telfy on Black-ish and Grow-ish. Deon talked to us about his rise to fame, the way he celebrates the holidays, and how he stays super funny.

Deon, you are seriously funny. You are a scene-stealer on Black-ish and Grown-ish, both which have been renewed for another season. Congratulations. How is it working on those two sets?

Working on both sets is amazing. I’m working with a beautiful and talented cast of young kids on Grown-ish. They keep me young. They’re so talented and so beautiful and I respect everything they do. Black-ish is family. I love being with Anthony and all the guys in the office. Everyone is family. It’s like we’re not even working. I love both shows.


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