Just recently, we had the pleasure of getting to know executive coaches, global speakers, and successful entrepreneurs Marion E. Brooks and MJ Harris! The two have just launched an e-course called “4 Keys to a Phenomenal Career” which was created when they realized the disparity of minors excelling in corporate America. In the creation of this course, they addressed the issues and offered their best advice in order for others to have a successful career. Check out our exclusive interview with the two as they share all the course has to offer and why you will benefit from it!

Tell us a little bit about yourselves.

Marion E. Brooks: I am an internationally certified executive coach, a professional speaker, and the best-selling author of What You Don’t Know is Hurting You: 4 Keys to a Phenomenal Career. I also serve as Vice-President and US Country Head of Diversity & Inclusion for one of the largest medical companies in the world. I have over twenty years of experience building and leading award-winning sales and marketing teams, including a team that generates $1B in annual sales.

In my free time, I like to travel, spend time with family and friends, and support charitable causes. I serve as Chairman of the Board for Sunshine’s Open Door Foundation, which focuses on supporting foster children.

Malcolm “MJ” Harris”: I am the chairman and chief executive officer of MJ Harris Global Enterprises and National Care Financial Group, which is one of America’s largest African-American owned financial services firms in the US. As a success coach and media personality, I’ve reached over 3 million people each month. I have been featured by Oprah, USA Today and Black Enterprise.

What made you two want to collaborate together in business?

According to the Harvard Business Review, only 5% of people in business are considered high potentials and those individuals receive access to information, tools and support that the other 95% of people do not receive. For women and people of color, the number is much lower. We found that there is a huge scarcity of Black Americans and other minorities in corporate leadership positions. The goal of our collaboration is to leverage our joint experiences in business to share what the elite usually receive with people of color to help them maximize their careers and business endeavors

How did the idea for ‘4 Keys To a Phenomenal Career’ start?  

We were having lunch one day after my book launched (Marion) and MJ said, “We should find a way to collaborate and use both of our expertise to help people grow in their careers and build their business for the entrepreneurs. After that, we scheduled time to brainstorm and came up with the idea to do a joint e-course to expand on the principles in the book (What You Don’t Know Is Hurting You: 4 Keys To A Phenomenal Career) since the book was being so well received.

We had our first event in Atlanta, GA where we announced our e-course launch. 

Can you tell us all that this online course has to offer?

The purpose of this course is to help people take their careers to the next level. We have utilized a lot of our experience to curate the necessary steps to obtaining success. The Information, training, support, and tools found in this course can not be found anywhere else. Students will be able to learn about the power of emotional intelligence, branding and strategizing to achieve desired results. We have created a 4-part road map to help you maximize your success and to make more money in your career.

Why do you each believe people will benefit from this program?

We both have experience working with some of the biggest companies in the world. Students of the program are receiving a “behind-the-scenes” look at Corporate America and gaining knowledge that is only accessible to a small population. Upon completion, students will automatically have a comparative advantage over their peers.

What can we expect to see from you two in the future?

We are actually collaborating on a sales course that will combine our collective sales experience and give people the secret sauce to having phenomenal sales careers.

Marion: I am working on my second book and delivering keynotes and workshops across the globe.

All images by Elton C. Anderson, Jr. | provided by The Forefront Group LLC