Earlier this summer, one of our favorite Housewives launched her own wig line and it’s been the talk of the town ever since. We’re talking about Marlo Hampton of course! The entrepreneur, fashionista, and RHOA star recently launched her new line called, HER Hair Collection and we’d be lying if we said we weren’t completely obsessed! Leave it to Hampton to provide us with everything we never knew we needed in life! In order to bring this special project to life, Marlo teamed up with Karen Mitchell of True Indian Hair to bring her vision to life. We caught up with Marlo Hampton to discuss where the name of the line comes from, her passion for hair, and much more!

What made you want to release H.E.R Hair Collection?

I am the girl who loves to change my look. I get bored easily. I’ve always love to play dress up and characters and dress the way I feel. I knew there were other women like me out there, who like variety! I created H.E.R for us all. H.E.R offers seven wigs for the 7 days in the week.

H.E.R stands for Haute Elegant Rebel. How did the name come about?

The name came about because I want women to look and feel like they are “HER,” you know “THAT GIRL,” “THE ONE” when they look in the mirror in the morning before they step out the door. Originally, I just wanted to call the brand “her,” but legally that was not possible. I thought of strong words that mean something to me and I created the acronym, Haute Elegant Rebel!

The line was just recently released and already selling out! Did you have any idea it would become such a big hit?

I can’t lie, I was nervous about what would people would think. Being in television you have critics, but you develop thick skin. This brand is my baby, it took two years to develop. H.E.R. is all about the quality. Our wigs are not processed graded 8a, 9a etc hair, our wigs are made with premium raw virgin hair from India and Cambodia, hairs that are hand-selected to meet my approval. We pride ourselves on quality and performance, which is of the utmost importance. So I knew quality would deliver sales.

Do you have a favorite wig from the line you could tell us about?

I love them all, the peoples favorite is the “Long Hair Don’t Care,” it’s a center part, black hair and with inches, it’s my signature look. Time and time again I get stopped on the street and get compliments on how much I look like Naomi Campbell. I truly admire her beauty, grace, and longevity in the industry, plus she’s just gorgeous.

What goals do you have set for the future in terms of your path in the hair industry?

I want to learn as much as possible about the hair business and also I want to help women. For me, it’s about empowering women to look and feel beautiful on the inside and the outside. There are so many women who face self-esteem issues with their natural hair because of cancer, alopecia, pregnancy, thyroid disorders, anemia, stress, medications, and birth control. If I can put a wig on their head and a smile on their face, I’ve done my job!

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All images by Erick Robinson Photography