Bravo TV Network’s Married to Medicine star, Lisa Nicole Cloud hosted the “Teach Me to Grow with You” conference this past weekend in Atlanta. The main focus of this two-day star studded educational event was to help singles prepare for their future mates, as well as seriously dating, engaged, and married couples repair, refocus, and renew their relationships.

Originally, the conference was supposed to be a joint effort with castmate Dr. Heavenly who pulled out a few days before the event to have her own separate “relationship conference” right up the street from Cloud’s. The producers were all for the drama and the cameras were rolling to capture it all.


The event was well put together and had all the components I look for when I got to an event; good quality food, organization, and gift bags.

I had the opportunity to speak with Cloud during the event and it was all positive vibes when I asked her about Dr. Heavenly deciding to pull out and do her own thing. “…her [Dr. Heavenly] way of starting drama was to pull out and start her own conference, which was supposed to compete with mine. But what God has ordained, no man can take away.”

The official ‘Teach Me How To Grow With You” conference will be held in five different cities February 2017.

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