Don’t hustle to eat, Hustle to OWN the kitchen you’re cooking in.” –Marty Arnold

With over 20 years in the music business, Marty Arnold has had his hand in selling over 25 million records worldwide and has worked with such artist as Usher, Trick Daddy, The Game, 8 Ball & MJG, and The Dream just to name a few. He has also worked on movie soundtracks like Players Club and Bring it On! We know that the industry of music is constantly switching gears to stay on top. You must have wisdom on how to consistently stay afloat. Recently he took a break from the busy hustle to share some tips as to how one could stay on top of things in the industry as well as new business endeavors!

What has 20 years of experience taught you about success in the music industry?

Success in the music industry is measured differently from person to person. I have learned that you have to have an authentic interest in what you’re doing, maintain consistency as well as be persistence. I can’t stress enough about building your brand and diversifying streams of income. I have 25+ years in the game over, 25 million records sold under my belt, and I’m just getting started…I am in it for the “Long Game.”

How did you get your start in the music industry?

Well, the short version is that I managed a group called B-Rock and The Business Boyz from Mobile, Alabama. We grinded for years looking to relocate everyone to Atlanta, Georgia which at the time hadn’t become the music mecca it is now but was on its way. We ended up signing a deal with Laface Records, changing the name to B-Rock and The Bizz and dropping the Pop Culture Phenomenon “My Baby Daddy” a term never used until this song was released!

C Von & Marty Arnold

What are some of the misconceptions up and coming artists have about the industry?

Well, the biggest is that success happens overnight and that you will have more money than you can count. I always relay that there is a backstory to all the success you see and that it is very rarely pretty or easy.

What’s the best advice for an upcoming artist seeking to be signed to a record label?

My personal feeling is not to sign to a label. This is a DIY game now with the internet and all tools available to artists now. I would suggest building your brand and creating such a presence on the internet, social media, etc. Labels will reach out to you to partner up. Partnerships = ownership when you’re owning you is winning regardless…”It’s yours.”

How do you feel about the music produced on today’s hip-hop scene?

Music has drastically changed from when I got in the game, but like life, everything changes, successful people will know and learn how to adapt.

Tell me about 6x Entertainment and how it got started.

6x Entertainment was started before me, I merged my company with my now business partner C. Von Parchman who is based in Los Angeles, California. Our merger has now allowed him to have a bi-coastal operation with me in Atlanta, Georgia. We came together through our flagship artist Tia P. 6x Entertainment creates opportunities for trendsetters that shape the culture in film, television, music, sports, and beyond. We have a roster of talent in all these categories.

What new artist are you currently working with?

Tia P. is our priority right now, she will be dropping a major release in March titled, “Come Together” a Beatles remake with hip-hop flavor featuring B Slade and her debut in April on BET’s “Next Big Thing” with Dame Dash, Tina Davis, and Zaytoven. We also just signed Lord Roka and Ki who will be dropping projects in 2019.

What is one of your most proud moments that you have had in the music industry?

My first platinum plaque, knowing I was there in the beginning with the group and watching their evolution to success.

How has this journey made you better?

This journey has taught me patience and appreciation for the process.

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