Atlanta has pretty much taken over the reality tv scene and now we can add another one to the list with WEtv’s new season of Match Made In Heaven.

The “Bachelor”-type series stars former NFL player Stevie Baggs Jr. who lives in Atlanta. The 34-year-old claims he is ready to find a woman to settle down with, ” I am already successful, I need a woman to make me significant.” Baggs has his hands full with 18 bachelorette’s vying for his attention and heart.

Sherri Shepherd aka “The Sherri Godmother” is the host and executive producer. The show also features Indianapolis Colts’ spiritual advisor Ken Johnson, who will help make sure the ladies are on the show for the right reasons while also keeping Baggs grounded. The firecracker of the show (and my personal favorite) is Baggs vivacious and very opinionated mom, Lola Robinson. In the first episode, Robinson poses as a production assistant as she gets a behind-the-camera feel of the ladies their first night in. What the ladies didn’t know is that Lola would be making the first cut and once they realized it, their jaws dropped.

I attended the screening of MMIH2 last night and let me tell you, WEtv definitely knows how to throw a party, there were some great horderves in the reception area, “movie snacks” for everyone to munch on during the screening, and the list of VIP guests was jammed packed with people like Kelly Price, Porsha Williams, The cast of Cutting It: In the ATL, Trina Braxton and many more. Sincerely Ward, who is one of the bachelorette’s this season, was also in attendance and had me wondering if maybe she made it to the end.

There was also a preview of the new season of Braxton Family Values, which airs tonight at 9p on WEtv, right before MMIH2. The first episode opens up with the sisters finding out that their mom, Evelyn, had a mini stroke and them battling about where she will recuperate since some of them live in Atlanta and the others live in California.

I will be tuned in all season long to both shows on WEtv.

Check out the trailer below and a snippet from the after-the-show commentary with Sherri Shepherd, Lola Robinson, and Stevie Baggs Jr.

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Photos: Marcus Ingram