If you thought social media was just for selfies, then you’re sadly mistaken. According to social media sites like Facebook are currently at 1.71 billion active users worldwide. Businesses are honing in on the power these sites have on their relationship with existing and potential customers. Among the industries following this social media marketing trend is the beauty industry. Particularly, the cosmetic and toiletry industries, whose profits have increased 3.8% from social media marketing since 2015, according to the Cosmetics and Toiletries U.S., 2016 Report. Small beauty businesses refuse to be left behind, cultivating new territory and taking full advantage of their size to drive revenue and brand awareness.

Natural hair care line Carmella Marie, Natural and Vegan Nail Lacquer Gel Polish Company EVO Cosmetics, and skincare lines Sweet Skin Treats and Savage Glow are amongst a new generation of elite black-owned small beauty businesses using social media, diversifying the beauty industry and creating a sort of Underground Railroad marketplace online. “Social media creates a platform to create connections. It makes it easier, I can be in a hundred different places at once while still being at home”, said Carmella Maria, CM Owner and Founder. Not only do these brands use all-natural ingredients, but each business is ceasing the moment bypassing years of tedious networking of traditional marketing. They are capturing opportunities online to heighten their brand awareness over a shorter period of time. “It can be difficult to show people the value in my products just by telling them…so this is where I really rely on the social aspect of Instagram. Potential customers will see popular bloggers they follow like @heycurlie- (Romance Cox) using my products and telling her followers how much she loves the products and because they trust her recommendation, they are more likely to try it out”, said Morgan Turner, SG Founder and Owner.

Sheen Magazine had the opportunity to pick the brains of these four entrepreneurs and here’s four ways these brands are making leaps and bounds in their respective fields one social media app at a time.

Personalized Touch
Olivia Barnes, Sweet Skin Treats owner, sells handmade body scrubs and bath and body products. Whose unique scent all resemble decadent desserts. Her small business size allows her to be much more personable with her customers. She finds many of her customers are only interested in her products after hearing her own testimony about troubling skin issues.
“[Social media] is more personal…People want to know my story. I use every single thing that I make.”


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Creating Tribes and Building Communities
Within a short amount of time, the Carmella Marie all natural hair care line, which includes unique handmade hair lotions, deep conditioners and oil has grown to a small business enterprise. Marie suggests this is due to her company’s ability to not only sell products, but create communities online by resonating with her customers through her bigger vision of empowerment and self-love.

“I can go to some sites and it’s all about the hair and there just are hair products [specifically] for that topic versus where I can discuss other issues. I can use my platform to let people know that I’m not just here for the dollar. I’m here to build up people and community.”


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Engagement, Engagement & Engagement

Britney Turner, owner of EVO Cosmetics, which provides all natural, vegan-friendly and chip resistant flamboyant nail pallets, has seen a 50 percent increase in revenue since her business’s inception just a year ago. She attests this increase aligns with her engagement with customers on Instagram, which also allows EVO to refine products based on direct feedback from customers.
“Social media has proven to increase product awareness and brand information, [providing customers with] the opportunity to engage and research what is needed from us.”


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Morgan Turner, owner of Savage Glow, uses her social media accounts to promote her business by offering valuable information about the health and beauty benefits of the ingredients in her premium organic skin and bath line. Highlighting how the cranberries in her signature “Cranberry Clary Sage Sugar Scrub” are packed with Vitamin C and anti-aging properties to instructional how-to’s.

“I use my business Instagram account to do a lot of things, from giveaways, to my ‘’Talk About It Tuesday’’ where I educate my current customers as well as potential customers on how the natural ingredients in my products can benefit their skin.”


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