Sheen Magazine recently had the opportunity of a lifetime to catch up with some of the most memorable models who recently walked in the icon New York Fashion Week.

Bring your lipstick and confidence as we dig deeper with one of Best Talent Group premier models for Paris Fashion Week. Meet Belinda Chiu.

How did you get into modeling?

Originally, I took modeling classes at Barbizon, where they trained us on how to properly act during auditions, how to walk better, etc. I also took acting classes, but I decided that acting just wasn’t my thing, and modeling was something that I wanted to pursue. After graduating, I stopped modeling for a couple of months before I joined Bestalent. With Bestalent, I was able to improve my walk even further and go across the country to gain experience walking in shows. They constantly encouraged me to walk with more uniqueness, and they often gave me with opportunities I wouldn’t have elsewhere. They provided me with an experience of a lifetime by allowing me to walk at NYFW at just age 13.

Besides beauty, what else do you need to be a professional model?

Personally, I think that beauty is just a statement. Beauty doesn’t just depend on how symmetrical someone’s face is, or how high their cheekbones are. These factors could help, but it also depends on attitude, personality and how you treat others. In the industry, you have to meet with agents, managers, designers, show producers and models all the time.  If you’re rude, mannerless and temperamental, your features don’t matter; you won’t be hired. Besides different techniques, being a professional model also requires personality, confidence, and initial reaction. Without personality, no one in the industry knows who you are. If your walk is the same as everyone else’s, you won’t stand out. Anyone can walk in heels, but small details in your walk can make you shine in the crowd. Think about this: if you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will be able to change your mind. Having confidence allows you to live in the moment more; it allows you to walk your walk to the best of your ability. When something goes wrong during a show, your initial reaction needs to be quick. If you were to fall while walking, you would need to know how to turn a bad moment into something natural looking.

What do you plan to bring to the fashion industry, what makes you unique? 

I don’t fit the regular stereotype of a model, as I am only 5’4″. However, I think my height gives me more confidence because I know for a fact that I am not like other models. Of course, this does occasionally cause a problem, but it also helps me, as I could pass for multiple ages. Although my height makes me unique, I think my ethnicity makes me more unique. Being Chinese, many people don’t expect me to be a model. People would expect me to be a perfect student getting perfect grades, with many different talents. I fit into that stereotype, but I also don’t at the same time. Although I get good grades and I have extracurricular activities, I also have a passion for modeling. A stereotypical job for Chinese people would be a doctor, a lawyer, an engineer, etc. However, I think that everyone deserves a chance at doing what they love and that stereotypes would need to be broken eventually. Being in the industry allows me to remind others that not all stereotypes have to be followed. 

Walking in New York Fashion Week, describe what type of preparation goes into such a huge moment of your career.

Walking in New York Fashion Week takes a lot of preparation; more preparation than other shows. Seeing as how NYFW is famously known worldwide, people from all over the world would be there. This provides you with an opportunity to meet new people, but it also means you have to look and feel your best. First off, you have to practice your walk over and over again to make sure its perfect. You then have to focus on your skin; you don’t want to break out during NYFW! From there, you have to pack your bags, making sure you don’t forget anything, book a flight, and make your way to New York. Along with your bags, you have to bring your confidence. Your confidence definitely helps you slay the runway. Don’t forget that positive attitude as well! Once you’re there, everything starts becoming hectic. Typically, you would go finish a show and rush to a casting, or eat while waiting in line for casting. With New York traffic, it’s always better to give yourself an extra 15 minutes on the road to ensure you’re not late. Last but not least, its important that you have fun while you’re there because it truly is an experience out of this world. 


All Images by Pix By GG