Marcus “​Lynn Spirit” ​Oglesby,” is a internationally transgender known dancer, singer, male model, and social media and beauty influencer. Born in Greensboro, North Carolina, With a social media following of over 1 million combined, Lynn is best known for his funny personality and influence on social media and YouTube. Lynn has been featured on a number of celebrities Instagram’s such as; Cardi B, Toni Braxton, Ke Ke Palmer, Supa Cent, Ludacris and many more.

With over 600K Instagram followers, over 500K monthly visitor’s and nearly over 430K YouTube subscribers, Lynn Spirit, recently made his first public appearance as a special guest on the hit popular social media show, ​”Queens Supreme Court,​’ with​ ​LGBT activist TS Madison Hilton​. Lynn’s ​appearance on the popular show​ brought in over 100K views on YouTube alone. Lynn, also received his big break as a male model, for this year’s 2019 House Of Man NYFW show.

Additionally​, Lynn takes pride in being a public speaker and activist, as an advocate for teenagers and young adults who suffer from bullying not only in his community but around the United States. Lynn, opens up his platform to the public in efforts to have them share their talents with other ​individuals​ around the world via social media.

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