Working with children for 27 years; you witness students who are full of joy and laughter but those who also lack self-esteem and strength of character. By the time a lot of young girls reach high school, the foundation has been set and it’s harder to change their minds and redirect them. After 18 years of watching young girls lose themselves to bad relationships, underachievement and poor decisions Author Tamara Pray Frazier, decided to go back and be apart of their foundation, creating a children’s book series to reach young girls and teach them of their potential and greatness! 

What inspired you to become an author? 

I’ve always loved writing; from the moment my Aunt Glenda taught me how to write in cursive, I have been entranced with the beauty of words on paper. I was that one friend who wrote all of the love letters and poems for everyone! But I never thought about publishing a book until one of my best friends was paralyzed in a traumatic accident. Seeing her strength and determination as she fought for her life and independence everyday, inspired me! I wanted to share her story of inspiration with the world, because she was defying the odds and I could see the positive effect it had on our little community… I knew her story could touch so many more lives and I encouraged her to write a book.. She thought it was a great idea (her parents had said the same thing), but didn’t want to write it, so with a little bit of encouragement from her, my mom and the rest of my family, I wrote it!

Tell us about your recent book Your Own Kind of Beautiful. 

Your Own Kind of Beautiful is the first book in my new series titled Walking With Grace. It tells the story of best friends, Daisy & Grace who are from different cultures, but share many interests that make their friendship special. The best friends have many commonalities but the key difference is their hair…Daisy is Black and wears afro puffs and Grace is Dominican with long flowing hair. And we know how particular we are about our hair- even as children!!  In the book we explore the topic of finding beauty from within and the message is one that encourages young readers to embrace the beauty of diversity, and embrace their unique set of traits because truthfully, the characteristics we dislike the most about ourselves are usually the very same qualities that others admire. It’s the ideal book for mothers to share with their young daughters as they begin to navigate the often bumpy road to self-discovery.

What will readers gain from it?

 I want each person who reads it to be encouraged; to understand that real beauty shines from the inside out. And also I want little girls (and big girls) in particular to love ourselves and embrace what God gave us. I want people to understand that we don’t have to compete against or do better than anyone else except the person we were yesterday! We are all made in His image and each strand on our head, or lack of strands are uniquely ours!

What is something you hope each reader takes away when reading any book written by you?

Inspiration! I want to inspire and motivate the masses! 

What advice would you share with anyone that is fearful of starting their first book? 

Grow Forth! Stop thinking that everything has to be lined up just right in order for you to take the first step. Stop thinking about it, worrying about it and trying to figure out the whole who, what, when, where and how! There are people out there who will do that for you! But you can’t get to the finish line if you never take that first step…Just begin. The rest will come.

What’s next for you in 2020? 

I’m hoping to travel more to promote my book, and begin production on the 2nd book in the series.  I want to enlarge my territory to match my vision and prayerfully touch more lives in the process!

How can book lovers connect with you online?

Book lovers can reach me via my website. You can email me at  You can purchase my books on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and through my website.



This feature was submitted by Kayla Rose | Featured image provided by Kayla Rose