Atlanta based entrepreneurs and founders of WearBrims, Archie Clay III and Tajh Crutch, are changing the game of fashion for fedora hats and slowly dominating the hat industry and making it their own. In less than two years, the WearBrims brand has already been soaring throughout Metro Atlanta and become a staple fashion piece for men and women worldwide. As fashion innovators and designers, both businessmen believe it’s essential for every aesthetic from the band’s color to pattern on each hat be authentic, meaningful, creative and unparallel to anything the fedora hat industry has seen before. These two men not only embody an undeniable debonair swagger but a keen business mindset that has allowed them to create their own lane and be in a league of their own.

So, how did the birth of this growing empire begin anyway? Would you believe us if we told you with two young college friends having a casual conversation and sharing their vision?

“Archie and I were complimenting each other on our hats and Archie was like we should go into business together and start our own hat line,” Crutch says.

“A few weeks later, Archie came to me with a business plan and how we can start it and I thought to myself ‘Oh, he’s serious!’ Crutch says laughingly.

Hence, from simply a vision, followed by passion and dedication, WearBrims was launched August 2016.

WearBrims is a fedora brand that inspires confidence for the everyday lifestyle. The hat line currently features the five brims: Aubergine, Prime, Sandlot, and Summer Jones and the exclusive Crown Blanco, a Tay Mitch and Wearbrims collaboration. From the beginning, the brand distinguishes itself from other fedora brands by allowing each individual to be the curator and inspiration for their hat, that aligns with their own personal style.

“We wanted to present something new to the table. There’s a market for hats and not an increase for the fedora hat market. So it’s a free market to tap into and an opportunity to increase in.” says Clay.

This year has been a remarkable year for the fedora brand, WearBrims was featured in the September, October and November 2018 issue for British GQ, an international monthly magazine dedicated to serving men’s fashion. As well as, entertainment and lifestyle publication, Upscale Magazine, and daily talk show Sister Circle TV.

In 2017, high-profile celebrity, actor and photographer Lance Gross was spotted snapping it up wearing a WearBrims hat in a picture the actor posted of himself on his Instagram. Gross’s support and promotion obviously created an outstanding buzz for the brand, proving WearBrims is a fedora force to be reckoned with.

“In 2019, we want to build content around the hats. No collections just more content,” says both founders.

These days, when the two trendsetters aren’t contributing more efforts to the men’s fashion wear industry, they’re focusing on collaborating with influencers, Pop-up retail and networking within their community at the Gathering Spot, a networking social event space for #ATLGatherers.

“We want to be a hat company that does hat collaborations. Building a brand around the community and consumers understand their following to create a unique version of the hat, says Clay. “We want to match the aesthetics of the brand to match the influencers”.

Want to find out more about what we can expect from WearBrims? Take a look below to check out a few secrets the two trailblazers were able to share with SHEEN Magazine from partnerships, to brand growth and their plans for the upcoming year! 

For potential customers that may not be aware of the brand yet, what makes WearBrims different from just another fedora hat line? 

You’re not going to find anything we provide on the shelf. We provide a creative touch and luxury feel. We want our hats to be the start of your outfit. If you compare our hats and put it in a crowd, people will know the difference between a WearBrims hat from just another fedora hat. We provide consistency, details from the band, inside the hat and around creating imagery for the hat that our competitors lack.

Do you have collections?

No. For hats, you don’t need collections, because it’s all year round.

Do you ship everywhere?

Yes. WearBrims ships everywhere in all 50 states.

Is WearBrims available anywhere else besides on your digital website?

Yes. Our hats are also available at Attom Shop located in The Shops at Buckhead, for customers to shop in store.

What are your overall 2019 goals for the WearBrims brand?

We’re focusing on new colors & new styles. Being active, develop and building an e-commerce and international market. We definitely want to manufacture and get investors involved. Push product as much as possible. We want WearBrims to become a multi-million dollar brand by the end of 2019.

What’s the overall brand’s mission?

We want potential consumers to know exactly what a WearBrim hat is when they see it. We want people to be like “Dope hat, where’d you get it?” When they see someone wearing a brim hat. 

Are there any more secrets you both have up your sleeve that you can share with us here at Sheen?

Yes. (They both respond with a snicker) We’re focusing on Dwyane Wade, Eva Marcille, and Omari Hardwick all for Crown Blanco ambassadors. So, people can expect that and more potential partnerships.

So, there you have it guys, expect to see WearBrims on everyone and everywhere very soon; from your favorite social media influencers to your favorite athletes, actors and actresses. Brim hats aren’t going anywhere and neither is WearBrims anytime soon.

So, stop what you’re doing now and pre-order your very own Crown Blanco hat and shop WearBrims today!

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