Meet Dr. Isfahan Chambers Harris, who earned a bachelor of science degree in biology and a Ph.D. in biomedical sciences and used that background to build a one of a kind hair care line. Alodia Hair Care has been a personal journey for Dr. Chambers Harris. As one of the finalists in last years Sally Beauty competition she hopes to use her platform to educate women and girls on the science behind healthy hair. In her own words, her mission is to “help women around the world to Learn, Love and Grow their hair.”

What was the inspiration behind starting your business/organization?

I am trained as a Ph.D. level Bio-Medical Scientist, using my medical expertise to research human diseases. However, my favorite “laboratory” is the kitchen, where I can spend countless hours creating my newest organic hair care product or whipping up somebody cream for my beautiful 6-year-old twin boys.

My dream has always been to marry my expertise in medicine and chemistry with my passion for creating all-natural products.

In 2014, after years of struggling from dry, breaking hair from chemical straightener use, I decided to make my dream a reality by founding Alodia Hair Care.

After 3 years of countless hours of research and experimentation, I officially launched Alodia in 2017. Alodia features a full line of products and hair kits designed to make the growth and maintenance process simple.

What products or services does your business provide and who benefits from it?

As a woman of color, mother, Medical scientist, and Trichology practitioner, I understand first-hand the misperceptions and misinformation that exists around textured hair. So, I have created Alodia to educate women specifically with textured hair types, on the holistic approaches to healthy hair care.

Alodia focuses on 3 areas: individual organic hair products, that are free of toxic ingredients, customized style kits, and scalp consultations.

What would you say makes your products different from others in this booming industry?

During those 3 years of research and development, I talk with to 100’s of women about their hair care routines, I realized that women, specifically with textured hair, are overwhelmed when picking products and desire a user-friendly selection process, personalized for their hair type. They also wanted a product line that offers natural solutions that address scalp issues such as dermatitis, alopecia and genetic thinning.

Realizing that these were gaps in the market I created products focused on addressing these problems that other hair companies were missing. Our products use the science of plants herbs and extracts to nourish the scalp and moisturize and strengthen the hair strands providing the perfect environment for healthy hair to grow. We also are the first to introduce customized style kits. These kits are based on the style the customer wants to create (Wash n Go, Twist Out, Heat Style, etc.) and come complete with 3-4 products and an easy step by step guide that streamlines the wash, condition and style process, taking the guesswork out of having healthy hair.

What are some of the marketing techniques that you’ve taken to bring awareness and visibility to your brand?

There are 3 areas that we focus on to help us get the word out about Alodia.: Digital Marketing: which includes posting consistently on social media, as well as Facebook ads, traditional marketing: which consists of email, trade show, and events and influencer marketing.

What motivates you to keep going?

I absolutely love helping women and teaching them about how to have a healthy scalp and hair and the retain length. Also, I truly believe in the vision of Alodia and I’m committed to making it an internationally successful brand.

Have you come across any roadblocks in your path to success? If so, how did you overcome them?

The fear of failure or fear, in general, is always there for me. However, my favorite quote is “feel the fear and do it anyway”. What really helps me to overcome these feelings are:

1)   Prayer- I am very spiritually connected, so a pray probably every hour that I am making the right decisions.

2)    I’ve also learned to follow my intuition, that gut feeling that something is right or not quite right.

3)   My husband and my family are truly my backbone. I can talk to them about anything and know that I will get sound advice and encouragement

4)   I read A LOT of books that inspire me and change my perception and way of thinking. I love the Alchemist, Shoe Dog, Think Rich Grow Rich, The Success Principles – just to name a few

What are some of your favorite resources or tools that you like to use for your business?

Using some of the automation services such as klayvio for my email marketing and Shopify for my website, trello for social media scheduling have helped my business tremendously.

Any upcoming events, projects, or services that we should look out for?

Based on customer feedback we are launching 2 new kits: Loc Kit ( for women and men that have locs) and a Children’s kit. We are also launching a product that helps with non-scarring alopecias. Also, we are so excited about expanding our presence in Southern Africa. In addition to being in South Africa, we are in talks to get our products into Botswana, Zimbabwe, and Zambia.

What is Alodia TV? Where can consumers find it?

Alodia TV is a compilation of YouTube videos made by Alodia and influencers that give you tutorials on how to use our products. You can find the link on our homepage on our website or on our YouTube channel Alodia Hair Care.

What does success mean to you?

Success with Alodia will be continuing our mission to create innovative products that allow people around the world to “Learn. Love and Grow” their hair.

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