Angela Cudger is the Queen of Wellness. Period! Angela is taking the health and wellness industry by storm! She is a sought after wellness expert and advocate for women entrepreneurs and corporate professionals. When it comes to wellness, Angela has a clear stance: “Ditch the stress and grab a strategy for sustainability”. Angela is a serial entrepreneur with one whole mission, and that’s to get everyone healthy and whole. We had the opportunity to sit and chat it up with this powerhouse. 

I see all the phenomenal things that you are doing. And your entire empire is dope!! Please tell us who you are at your core being. 

I am a leader and healer who exists to raise the vibration of the planet through health and wellness.

Why are you so passionate about helping others live their best life?

In order for others to discover who they are and what their purpose is on the planet, sometimes there has to be a change in the trajectory of their lives. I am passionate about leading people to this place because lives must be changed on the planet. My purpose is to help people live from the best and highest self.

What would the 21 year old Angela tell the Angela of today?

My 21-year-old self would have a sense of reverence, respect, and happiness towards my current self. She would say “I’m exceedingly proud of you for taking the road less traveled. Getting out of your comfort zone and being willing to release what has held you back. Because of you, more people will be able to do the same. I honor your path, love who the woman you’ve become and I respect you greatly.”

What’s next for Angela personally?

The next things that are coming up for me personally include a specific type of personal development that allows me to tap deeper into my soul’s mission. My sights are set on journeying to high vibrational places on the planet that will allow me to immerse myself into the knowledge of the Divine that leads to a healthier, happier life. I have also been called to cleanse myself in preparation for my next level in life and business. This will give me the mental clarity and stability to be able to listen and intuitively understand my next path in life.

What is the one thing that you have grown to be sure of in life? 

The one thing I know for sure is that I will be successful at anything I put my energy, time, talent, association, thoughts or hands to.

Tell us how do you handle setbacks?

I handle setbacks by evaluating the entire situation, without judgment of myself or others. My goal in any setback is to quickly put energy towards an effective solution and level up. If inner reflection is required, then I take some time to go within and intuitively be guided towards a solution. I always use setbacks as feedback on my path.

What is the greatest lesson that you have learned in business?

The greatest lesson I’ve learned in business is that it takes a team to scale and create something. Understanding how to duplicate oneself is what sets solopreneurs apart from CEOs.

What advice would you give to that person who’s business is not doing so great and wants to give up?

Consistency brings the momentum to take a business to its next level. All of the energy we have towards our purpose must be put towards consistently showing up great and being our best self.

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