Minister Traycee Gales is a celebrity, faith and entertainment journalist who is the creator and executive producer of Gospel Access. She specializes in gleaning and sharing the success strategies and testimonies of those at the top of their game in order to empower others to step into their greatness.  Her interviewing skills have helped her land interviews with Academy Award nominees, Grammy Award winners, successful entrepreneurs, pastors and today’s influencers. We had the opportunity to speak with this amazing woman and learn a little but more about her.

Who are you at your core?

Who is Traycee Gales?  I am a woman of faith that believes in treating people right.  The golden rule is what I strive to live by.  I’m a determined woman that does not give up and I truly believe that with God on my side there is nothing that I can’t accomplish.  I live with eternity in mind, meaning at the close of my life I want to be able to look back with relief and not regret as to how I used my time, my money, my resources and opportunities that I’ve been given. 

Why are you so passionate about helping others?

I am passionate about helping others determine their life’s purpose.  The passion stems from meeting people from all walks of life who are struggling with this issue.  There are entirely too many individuals on this earth that are distraught because they don’t have a clue as to why they are here.  

Tell us about your business?

Gospel Access is a media outlet that helps individuals pursue their purpose and helps them to get excited about their own God given gifts, goals, dreams and potential.  At Gospel Access the extremely successful from all walks of life (Academy Award nominees, Grammy Award winners, successful pastors, business owners and today’s influencers), are interviewed and share their empowering testimonies.  Our mission is simple- to encourage and embolden others to step up and into their own personal greatness. 

Where do you see yourself in the next 2 years? 5 years?

In  the next 2-5 years I see myself as a force in the earth that assists multitudes of people discover who they are. I also see Gospel Access as a household name that serves as a resource that others turn to for guidance.

hat is the one thing that you know for sure?

One thing that I know for sure is this—YOU have to get off of your butt and grind, putting in the work to better yourself.  No one is going to do this for you and no one is going to believe in your dream or invest in your dream more than yourself.  

What is the greatest lesson that you have learned in ministry/business? 

The greatest lesson that I’ve learned in ministry is that whatever God has assigned to your hand He has made you capable and qualified to accomplish it.  I’ve learned that in ministry no matter what you face (obstacles, setbacks, disappointments, etc), victory is still the outcome as long as you don’t faint and quit.

The greatest lesson that I’ve learned in business is that you have to surround yourself with people who are the best at what they do.  I’ve learned that you can not accomplish much without a solid, knowledgeable, expert team working beside you.

Define success. 

Success is different for each individual person.  Success is you living your life achieving the goals that you have set for yourself. For example if your goal is to raise your children to be God fearing individuals with strong character and you achieve that-you are a success.  Success is you living out the life that you have intended to live.

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