25 year old, trap rapper “IME Casino” hails from Memphis, Tennessee, known as “The Prince of the City”. He is no stranger to the music business or the streets. IME Casino’s hardcore street reputation stems from his life long obstacles and up bringing in the Memphis streets. IME Casino has created a clear pathway for his music to reach millions and resonate with fans worldwide by working with some of the rap industry’s biggest artists! IME Casino has worked with artists such as Tiffany Foxx, and most recently Lil Boosie! IME Casino is projected to be the next big thing in trap rap. He’s started his own movement with IME. Checkout his latest single, where he’s mixing street rap with politics.

Every Friday IME Casino plans to drop a new track. Subscribe to IME Casino on Soundcloud, Spotify, and Youtube.

He is dropping a new song every Friday until Black Friday when he is dropping a mixtape called “I Must Eat” with 8 new songs. The mixtape has songs with Lil Got It , Boosie and more!

This Friday IIME Casino debuts controversial track “F**k Donald Trump” take a listen here.



Instagram: IME Casino