Michel Germain Sexual Sugar is a perfume that smells as great as its name sounds. I’ve searched for the best perfume to leave a sweat impression wherever the night may lead you. I was complimented by a gentleman as my smell captivated him while walking the New York streets. A friend could not get over the sultry smell of wild berries and passion flower.

Sexual Sugar is made with sweet ingredients such as French roasted almonds and vanilla creme brûlée with aphrodisiacs for an irresistible, long lasting scent.

There is even a love story behind the creation of the perfume. When the founder Michel met and married his wife, Norma, she never wore fragrance. Michel loved perfume and tried to convince her to wear it by buying her several fragrances. However, Norma still did not wear any scent.

One day, Michel asked Norma why she did not wear perfume and she replied,

“I cannot find one that makes me feel seductive and attractive, as if I am the only woman in the world.”

Her wish inspired Michel to create a fragrance out of love for her. He fulfilled her wish after five years of research and traveling to Grasse, France, the world-renown fields of flowers.

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Featured Image obtained on Michel Germain’s official website!