True beauty isn’t just skin deep, it begins from within then is illuminated outwardly, regardless of your physical appearance. Michelle Ana perfectly exemplifies this with grace and elegance far beyond her years. Michelle’s transparency has quickly gained her faithful following across many platforms and continues to grow. For just a moment in time, she gave SHEEN a glimpse into her journey and what is to come.

My heart is set out to encourage people with a smile or just letting them know that their presence is necessary on this earth.

A little bit about Michelle… 

 I am the lifestyle and faith based digital influencer behind,, and, my YouTube channel. I’m a city girl from Jersey; my parents are from Puerto Rico and I have three older sisters with a brunch of nieces and nephews. I kind of grew in an old-school household, because my parents were essentially much older when they had me. I always had an old soul but still very vibrant and very colorful, that’s how I like to explain my personality. (Laughs)

How Michelle’s life has changed after losing her husband, Curtis. 

My life just hit a reset button after my husband, Curtis passed away. Everything started over. When you fall in love, you plan the rest of your life with this person, and to have that forever end in this way was definitely unexpected. When he passed the dream that we had, died as well. For me, my life drastically changed because I’ve had to rediscover who Michelle Ana was apart from being a wife to Curtis. Who is this young lady? Am I really a young widow? There were a lot of decisions that had to be made by myself, as well as a lot of transitions that occurred. 

The YouTube effect…

I love YouTube. Honestly being online has given me the  platform to release and be super transparent with my supporters.

YouTube allowed me this gift to be connected to so many beautiful souls.  I have learned that spending time with my thoughts and crucial reality, was so important to me. I gave myself permission to feel.  I’ve discovered in those moments, I was given a voice for the young widow, the broken hearted, and for those going through any painful life situation. I don’t take it lightly that many look to me for a positive word. My faith has kept me grounded all along. I feel like many people can relate to what I’ve been through in so many different aspects. YouTube has allowed me to have this authentic atmosphere, where I can share and others can share their stories as well.  I just love it!

Michelle’s Beauty Favs

OMG, one product that I have to use every day is Jamaican Black Castrol Oil. I love to take a dime size of it and refresh my curls, then massage it into my scalp. It also stimulates hair growth, I use it every single day! Makeup wise, I love the Tarte Shape Tape Concealer. I have to use that every single day; it gives me that “awake” look.

And her final thoughts…

I just want people to know that beautiful things come out the most painful broken places. If you’re feeling sad, if you’re feeling broken-hearted, if you’re feeling any sort of pain emotionally, I think it’s healthy to address those things that weigh you down. Know that there is a beautiful journey ahead of you when you face that pain, that’s a promise to yourself that you’re making, “I am going to make it through”. When you hit rock bottom, the rest is just going up from there and you can make it if you believe in yourself and trust the process. In this season with the holidays and New Year approaching, it’s important to hold on to the memories and cherish those around you.

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Images by Fabiane Photography