Celebrity hairstylist Johnny Wright was known for keeping Michelle Obama’s hair laid in the White House, but when a recent picture of the former FLOTUS’ natural hair hit the Internet, which we talked about here, everyone went into a frenzy. Well, the the hair maven recently opened up to about the highly praised picture as well as why Michelle’s influence continues to reign supreme beyond the White House.

On the recent photo of Michelle during vacation:

“That picture is recent!  She just got back from vacation, I think, on Friday. I’m not sure if it was her going to the airport or coming back. But that is her, and it is recent. We aren’t on vacation with her anymore. She was actually blown straight before she left for vacation. I guess she got in the water or something, and she didn’t feel like straightening it herself! People want a more sexy answer, but that’s really what it is. I’m not with her.”

On Michelle’s hair routine as the First Lady:

“She’s always embraced her natural hair, for the looks she was going for and the stories she wanted to tell, I style her hair straight. There wasn’t any lack of embracing her curls. It’s just what she wanted to do.”

Johnny explains Michelle’s influence on other women:

“I do think that a woman of her complexion, with her figure and her hair texture, has given a whole lot of other women a chance to look in the mirror and say ‘I am beautiful, too’ because I have somebody representing me,” says Wright. “Her husband was the leader of the free world. She represented this country very well, and her platform was pure and from the heart. Having this conversation about her hair texture is totally justifiable.”

Featured Image: Shutterstock