As Missy prepares for her newest boutique opening in New York City, she took the time out of her busy schedule to sit down with SHEEN Magazine to discuss her love for the hair industry, the grand opening in a new city, and more!

Tell us what made you want to start Missy Hair Boutique.

I’ve always loved hair. In 2010, it was complicated to find good hair. I figured I would try to bring human hair avaliable instead of people having to throw away hair after a week’s use. That’s really what made me want to open our boutique in the Fort Lauderdale area.

Why did you want to start a career in the hair industry in the first place?

I’ve always been in love with human hair. I love extensions, I love wigs, colored hair, and long hair!

Tell us about your grand opening in New York later this month.

The grand opening is something I am very excited about. It’s something I wanted to do before I opened the Atlanta store. I didn’t because it’s so far from Florida, I thought it would be too complicated for me to open a store in New York. The two additional stores I wanted to open after Fort Lauderdale was Tampa Bay because I am from the Tampa Bay Area and New York because we would come to do the pops in New York while we only had one store. During those pop ups, I noticed people would come out and were so interested in the product we had. I love New York, I always have, I just didn’t like the weather (laughs). I chose to open New York after Atlanta because I am more stable and now I can do all of the things that I’ve wanted to do.

Where do you hope to see yourself as well as your brand in the years to come?

I know you can expect more Missy Hair Boutiques. I am always looking to expand and bring new things to the industry. I can’t say where the next location will be but I believe I will lean more towards franchise.

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The grand opening begins on December 28, 2019!

Missy Hair Boutique
1 -3 West 125th Street – New York, NY (Harlem)

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All images courtesy of Missy Hair Boutique