Dana Chanel, a native of Middletown Delaware is a multi-millionaire Christian entrepreneur dedicated to helping to spread the wealth to the Christian community by providing opportunity, knowledge, and resources to build businesses. While helping to educate others on breaking generational curses of poverty, she’s put her family in a position to run her company’s as they build a legacy together. The first company to gain international success was her app titled, Sprinkle of Jesus, which was a media company which she then began to branch off to need-based businesses and build an empire of profitable sources of income. She travels the country teaching her strategy and family building dynamic that provides them with a life, spiritually and financial wealth.

What do you feel has been some of the setbacks in the Christian community when it comes to Entrepreneurship and Financial success?

I was getting to know God and started going to church. I didn’t grow up in the church so I had “virgin” eyes to the way things worked. I was praying to God for a financial blessing and the church a “thriving” successful business didn’t talk about finances and empower their congregation with the resources they had to teach financial literacy. It was weird. So I found my lane, my calling, and I built a multimillion-dollar Christian app. I had so much to give, with no fear of validation from “church.” I was overly excited to not just talk, but teach wealth which is not just a farfetched option, but 100% obtainable and honestly ours as believers.

In what ways are you helping to educate aspiring entrepreneurs in the church about starting their own business?

After creating the viral mobile app Sprinkle of Jesus, I saw how tech was innovating and being a vital piece in a successful business. So I bought the mobile app company from developers and started creating apps for small businesses, churches, nonprofits, teaching them how to create an additional stream of income and sell digital products. Now we have over 3000 apps we’ve published for small businesses and the past 2 years my team (family business) has been touring the country with our Christian Entrepreneur workshop and it isn’t just some workshop. We teach and actually, have the resources to provide you to start.

What inspired you to start your business?

I would love to say “passion” because it’s the pretty answer and one I am afraid is stopping so MANY families from being financially free. You go to work every day and you’re not passionate. So have that same energy when it comes to being the controller of food on the table for yourself and your family. But honestly, entrepreneurship, ESPECIALLY for the Black community, is NOT an option, it’s something we have to all be prepared to do. I’m not passionate about anything but BUILDING and so when it comes to business I am fascinated with challenges of making something a living, breathing, and profitable business.

Were there any struggles along the way? What kept you focus and motivated?

Struggles? Check on your entrepreneur friends we contemplate going to find a sugar daddy every day. Lol Just kidding. Not really. But seriously I think just consistency. Sometimes with this social media stuff, we can feel like we’re not doing enough, or what’s cool, which could change your energy towards how much you decide to sacrifice to build, but that’s why you have social media hustlers and then there are entrepreneurs. I’m building wealth in industries that aren’t based on a trend, that are not “cool” but necessary to how we operate in society. This ain’t for the weak. Everyday being solution orientated and not being defeated by the enemies plan to destroy your systematic approach to breaking the curse of poverty will always require your focus. My family is amazing. We fight this battle together.

What upcoming events/projects do you have?

The Christian Entrepreneur Tour is a super cool opportunity to connect and learn what’s necessary. I’m not that cool, so don’t come to just meet me and take a photo. I don’t desire for us to meet and you do not leave better than when we first met…whether it’s spiritually or financially. We’re making it out to almost every single city you could think of. Download the Sprinkle of Jesus app! 😉

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