Return with her new single, “Good to you,” Nola Adé eliminates her fans with a classic and soulful sound that takes you back to a different era, all while giving you the knowledge and look of current times.

Can you tell us more about yourself?  

I’m Nigerian American. I love music. I never know how to answer this question. I’m a bit awkward, but still awesome, haha! I’m positive energy that expresses myself through music! I love to love, and love to see and put smiles on the faces of people that I can reach. I’m a bit more complex than that, but in a nutshell, that is who I am and who I strive to be!

Has music always been your career focus and when did you know you had musical talent? 

I recognized my musical talent when I started receiving solos in my elementary school choir. I thought I could sing before, but that’s when I really started to feel myself! No one could tell me anything! Haha! I joined my elementary school choir when I was in 2nd grade, and I knew I loved music from then. I don’t believe I got a solo until much later than the 2nd grade though. And I knew that music would always be something that I would pursue seriously. It wasn’t until after law school that I went full force into music. 

What motives or drives the music that you write? 

Love drives the person that I am, and I can say that there is a heavy love influence in my music for sure. I’m motivated by my own personal experiences and the stories of those around me. And I’m so inspired by other dope music! Listening to other great artists in their craft continues to motivate me to create dope stuff. 

How would you explain your specific style of music? 

I love all different types of music, but I would say that soul music is what drives my sound. Regardless of if I am adding Afrobeat, Pop, or R&B elements to any song I put out, there is no doubt that Soul is a fundamental piece to my music. 

Do you feel it was/is difficult to break into the entertainment industry with your current style of music? 

It was definitely a challenge – but I’m always up for a challenge. I just try to be myself and stay true to my music. As long as I believe in it, others will too.

I know many of your fans have been looking to hear about your new project, can you tell us more about what we have to look forward to? I have so much music coming out! I have anticipated singles that I want to share with the world! I’m excited to show people more of who I am as a person and artist. I feel like people will definitely start to understand me more with the release of my upcoming music – or not, but I hope so!  

You’re due to release your recent video for “Good to you “, which is absolutely beautiful, but what inspired that song and video concept? 

Thank you so much. The idea of being vulnerable really inspired “Good to you.” It was really about highlighting the importance of shedding light on your imperfections to allow deeper connections. The best way we could be good for each other is if you let me in, right? I, myself, desire to be more vulnerable, and the video concept kind of captures that in the representations of me in dark spaces and silhouettes, with light surrounding me. The video represents coming from the dark, into the light. 

Will you be touring soon and if so, where can we follow your tour dates, as well as meet and greets? 

Tour dates are in the works! Please head to my website for info on tour dates. You could also sign up for my newsletter there too.

What do you have coming up next? 

More music! And I can’t wait for the video for “Good to You” to drop soon after the song release. And I’ve got a few shows already lined up in Chicago soon after its release. 

How can people continue to follow you? 

Follow me on Facebook and Instagram. My music is everywhere music is sold digitally. Get at me! 


All images by Jason McCoy