Jazzy Amra shares her musical diary of self-love and inner reflection.

The story of Dominican beauty and Bronx native Jazzy Amra reads like a bestselling page-turner with all the plot twists, stumbling blocks, and turning points you’d expect. As a child, she lived in a rehab facility and then foster care, before eventually being adopted. She channeled these experiences into creativity and songwriting, and soon made her way into the music industry, even catching the ear of Wyclef Jean. She used to be embarrassed about her rough upbringing, but now knows it made her a warrior. Living with her siblings and rehabbing mother, without knowing her father, taught her to be resilient with a never give up disposition.

At the age of sixteen, Jazzy lost her mother, which she describes as the hardest thing she lived through. She now uses her pain from the experience to help others heal. For example, her song “Jazmine’s Diary” is a beautiful display of confessional lyricism.


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Featured Image Courtesy of Heads Music