Makeba Riddick-Woods knows how to make us laugh, cry, and always be in our feelings, all simply by writing

When I finally hop in my car after a long day’s work, I am ready to create a calming atmosphere before driving home through the outrageous traffic I inevitably will have to face. MUSIC IS ALWAYS MY GO-TO. It’s funny how much I can identify with the lyrics blaring from my stereo. Music speaks to me. It can change my mood or reinforce what I’m already feeling. Like when some idiot cuts me off on the freeway, depending on the music, I’ll either hell hath no fury rage on them, or simply let it slide by, cool, calm, and collected. But you see I correlate the songs with the songs with the artist who is singing and dare I say attribute the song entirely to the name attached to it.

However, in all actuality, there are thousands of songwriters out there who write the music and lyrics for the superstars we love so dearly. One of the best of the best of these lyrical masterminds is Makeba Riddick-Woods. Want to know some of her biggest hits? Well just look at some of the songs by JLo, Rihanna, Beyoncé, and Toni Braxton, just to name a few. This mother, novelist, songwriter, and overall phenomenal woman crafts music that we can all relate to. So join me in the riveting interview and meet the woman behind the bops.

Image by Derek Blanks 

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