My Litle Storie Publishing builds a foundation for young and mature authors to share their stories with the world. MLS is Co-founded by military veterans Erin Hughley and Markeith Persons. The mission of MLS is not only helping aspiring authors to tell their story but to “publish with a purpose” which they accomplish through quality publishing services and outside the box distribution opportunities.

“We are not your traditional publishing company; we accept submissions from all ages, but we cater to birthing child authors to instill entrepreneurship, promote literacy, and encourage self- expression of diverse backgrounds no matter race, religion, disability, age, culture or gender.”

Co-founder Erin Hughley shared with Sheen some exciting news about an amazing opportunity, which will help to publish 100 child authors in the USA!

What sparked the idea to create a Publishing company aimed at helping child authors?

We were teaching children to write, publish and launch a book through our Storyteller Storyseller Young Authors Academy. At the end of the program, we would show the authors how to self- publish through Amazon, and host a group book signing to offer them the full author experience. After the program, we noticed some of our authors never pursued further and we felt like their hard work deserved more recognition. My partner and I sat down together and discussed how we could provide our young authors with a more intimate experience while helping guide them through their publishing journey with branding, marketing, and PR resources which became the beginning of My Litle Storie Publishing.

Share with me about how your company is helping 100 kids in the United States become authors.

Our overall mission is to create communities of young authorpreneurs. We are accomplishing this by providing 100 underserved youth age 5-16 from across 50 states (2 per state) with our resources to create, publish, and launch a finished book to promote literacy and entrepreneurship nationwide.

What types of stories are you looking for from young authors for this opportunity and how can they submit their work?

We are looking for stories that represent them and can be fiction or non-fiction. We want to encourage youth to express themselves through creativity. Because children relate better to other children, we are looking for authenticity to motivate and inspire their peers. Interested students will submit their story concept and why they should be selected to with the subject: 100 Kids. The selection process begins in Fall 2019.

What are some of the success stories you have had recently with your company?

The fact we have children age 5-13 as published authors is a success story in itself. In addition, our young authors have launched professional brands, have been featured in national media publications and bragged on local news stations.

What upcoming projects do you have?

September we are kicking off the 3rd year of the Storyteller Storyseller Young Authors Academy in Killeen, Texas, with workshops aiming to help 20 more aspiring young authors. October we will be exhibiting our multicultural children’s books at the 8th Annual Natural Hair and Health Expo in Killeen.

What sets you apart from other Publishing companies?

We do not provide traditional publishing. We help aspiring authors from concept to creation of their story. We coined the term “publish with a purpose” which our authors accomplish through quality publishing services and outside the box distribution opportunities. What makes us unique is that we cater to birthing child authors to instill entrepreneurship, promote literacy and encourage self- expression, and creativity utilizing diversity, entertainment, and education. Our company also provides additional access to readers through our bookstore, school fundraising catalog, and event exhibitor opportunities.

Learn more about the opportunity for your child to have his/her book published now by clicking here!