Actress, Parker McKenna Posey was America’s sweetheart when she portrayed Kady on the hit series, My Wife and Kids. It’s been 20 years since she captured our hearts and now she’s portraying an absolute boss in her new role on BET’s series, Games People Play. Get ready for your mind to be blown because Parker is here to let us know she’s unleashing bad girl in her for this exciting project!

Tell us about your role in the upcoming BET Series, Games People Play.

My character Laila, is crazy! (laughs) She was born in Los Angeles and is a struggling actress. She finds that being an actress is not as easy as she thinks. She’s found that auditioning over and over is not going to get her what she wants so she takes measures into her own hands!

Do you believe you relate to your character in any way or do you believe you guys are complete opposites?

I mean honestly, I really feel like all the women on the show are super relatable, which is what I love about the show. I definitely relate to Laila because I have been acting for 20 years and it has definitely been a struggle. On top of that, I have had my fair share of drama on social media (laughs) so we definitely relate in a few different ways.

You are adored for starring in ‘My Wife and Kids’ but who is Parker McKenna now and what do you hope to accomplish in the years to come?

Well, now I am 23-years-old and I am a woman in this crazy world (laughs). I just want to keep working and have a long career by tackling good roles by stepping out of the box. I love portraying Laila because we relate in so many ways but I would also love to portray a character that challenges me.

I hope Games People Play does well, I enjoyed working with the cast and crew, and we had a great time because that is apart of my future as well.

Do you think being in this industry has taught you anything about yourself?

It definitely showed me how strong I am and I really feel like a lot of people don’t have as thick skin as they say they might have. It’s not easy going to auditions over and over again and getting turned down or having directors tell you what is wrong with you. Its made my skin extremely thick and I have proven to myself that if I put in the hard work, good things will come out of it.

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