Director, Deon Taylor did not disappoint with his new action packed, thriller Black and Blue. Naomie Harris stars in this film, it’s her first lead role and the first film to cast an African-American lead as a female cop.

Tyrese Gibson’s role in the film plays a very important part in Alicia West (portrayed by Naomie Harris) surviving through the chaos!

This film is centered around a rookie cop who captures dirty cops on her body cam committing murder in the community she swore to protect! Alica West is told to pick a side, “Black or Blue”? Alicia was only interested in choosing between right and wrong. She had no interest to cover up anything in regards to what she captured. Alicia finds herself fighting alone against both the community and the corrupt police department.

This film is full of action, from the fights to the shootouts, this film will definitely have you sitting at the edge of your seats. SHEEN spoke with Director Deon Taylor, and Actresses Naomie Harris, Nafessa Williams about what changes their hoping this film will evoke.

Deon Taylor called this film a whistleblower, it will shine light on the controversial body cam conversation in the police departments. This film isn’t a cop bashing film, it showcases the potential of policing civilians in America.

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