Natasha Gafoor, daughter to Singapore Real Estate Tycoon Ismail Gafoor has been modeling with Bestalent Group, a premier modeling school based outside Beverly Hills, California since 2017. She has been training under Kiara Belen of America’s Next Top Model and has slain Paris Fashion Week three times, London, Milan and New York Fashion Week. Currently, she is preparing and training extra hard for Dubai, China, and Mercedes Benz Australia later this year. She is 13-years-old and already an international Runway Model who can do Dior turns on a dime.

How did you get into modeling?

I got into modeling by doing an audition for a talent school where I was fortunately selected and was able to start modeling

Besides beauty what else do you need to be a professional model?

Beauty shouldn’t be something that an aspiring model should focus on, everyone is going to be different and that is what makes modeling so unique. Having confidence, discipline and being humble is all you need to become a model!

What do you plan to bring to the fashion industry?

As a model, I would want to be able to show the creativity of the designers and show that doing runways and not being an adult is very much possible.

Walking in Paris Fashion Week describe what type of preparation goes into such a huge moment of your career?

Preparation for such shows takes quite some time as the model. From making sure you have the right supplies and getting started on the skincare especially as a teenager. Getting ready for a show can also take up a few hours for makeup, hair and getting fitted but after all, everything is worthwhile the moment you walk onto the runway.

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All images by Steve Marskell Photographer