Calling all people with acne prone skin! You know who you are! Sheen Magazine is here to save a few lives…or faces.

We know the feeling of having a giant crater smack dab in the middle of your forehead the night before going to bed, we get it, it’s pretty much the end of the world.

But don’t get to doing anything drastic, like torching the heck out of that bad boy, we have 2 home remedies you should try before buying those expensive “overnight” creams.

Check out our top two natural ways to wave those zits, pimples or white heads- sayonara below!

Apple Cider Vinegar

Ahhh how we love this stuff on our salads, but little did you know- this stuff is KEY in getting rid of pimples OVERNIGHT and balancing your skin’s PH levels.

The apples in the ACV work to return the acidity to our skin and restore the acid mantle.

It also kills bacteria, removes excess dirt, oil, makeup and dissolves dead skin cells.

Just shake up a bottle of pure apple cider vinegar, grab a q-tip or cotton ball and either put the ACV on the pimple or dab the ACV on your entire face and air dry before going to bed.

Trust us, your skin will love you for it. And doing this once a week, promotes SUPER healthy skin.

Tea Tree Oil

We know it stinks! But tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic that also kills bacteria and unclogs pores.

Put some tea tree oil on a q-tip or on a cotton ball and either put the oil directly on the pimple or on your entire face with the cotton ball.

It’s going to sting, but your skin will feel refreshed come morning, and that pimple?

A bad nightmare.

Fun Fact: tea tree oil is also great for getting rid of dandruff and keeping the scalp clean and moisturized.

Hurry to that 24-hour pharmacy up the street and grab you a bottle of each ladies! We promise your pimple will either be gone or so little you can’t even see it.

Got any more beauty secrets? We wanna know! Sound off in the comments below!

Featured Image: Shutterstock