If you’re looking for a refreshing read, you’ve come to the right feature. Tadiwanashe Samudzi exemplifies the true definition of black beauty. Not only is she a woman of many hats but you have probably seen her all over your social media feed as Samudzi is adored by thousands all over the world for sharing her natural hair care journey. She’s beauty and grace combined in one! We had the honor of getting to know Tadiwanashe who even gives us insight on her go to hair care products!

Can you tell our readers about yourself? How did you get into the social world as an influencer?

My name is Tadiwanashe which means, “We are loved by God.” I am an artist, blogger, model and influencer, which is kind of odd because I’m also very introverted and socially awkward. I don’t let that stop me from pursuing what I want though. I am a firm believer in working hard and setting goals for yourself and I think that is how I got into the social world as an influencer. I am always creating content that people can relate to through art whether I’m modelling, trying different hairstyles, painting or even makeup. In everything I do, I stay true to myself and brands appreciate that.

You’re adored for your natural hair on your Instagram, have you always been natural? If not, what made you want to go back natural?

My natural hair journey has been a tough one. I’m sure anyone with 4c hair type can relate when I say it’s hard. For the longest time, I used to relax my hair because it was “easier to maintain” that way. Also, no one ever taught me to appreciate my hair as it is. Coming from a family where my mum, sister and cousins have 4a texture hair, I sometimes felt like mine was less than, so I really didn’t put much effort into it. Four and half years ago I had to cut all my hair off because of health reasons, and for a year I experimented with different hair colors and haircuts until I decided to finally grow it out and I began my natural hair journey. This was mostly driven by wanting to prove to myself that my hair doesn’t necessarily have to have looser curls to be “BEAUTIFUL,” and to inspire people to love their manes just as they are because it goes deeper than the natural hair movement, it’s a culture.

What would you say the pros and cons are to sporting a natural ‘do?

There are a lot of pros to sporting a natural do. Firstly, versatility! You can switch it up as often as you like (twist outs, bantu knots, braid outs, threading, you name it). Also, you learn key management skills when it comes to rationing hair products because the bigger the hair, the more products you use (that can also be a con in terms of costs). With a natural hair do it also means less chemicals in your hair, which results in healthy, vibrant hair. The only con I can say is when it comes to maintenance, you have to invest a lot of hours and if you have work during the week you may find it hard to balance the two, but it is not impossible!

What are your holy grail products for your hair?

My holy grail products at the moment are:  Jamaican black castor oil, raw shea butter, Afrobotanics curling cream and Ndanaka hair butter. I always switch it up when it comes to my shampoo and conditioners.  I’m currently using Dessign Essentials Sulphate Free shampoo and conditioner. I also do DIY hair masks that are packed with protein (avocados, bananas, honey, eggs, aloe vera, essential oil).

What advice would you have for someone who may not be as confident to rock their natural hair?

My advice to anyone starting out in their natural hair journey, or who doesn’t really feel confident with their hair texture, is to never give up. There are going to be hard days, you are going to feel like just cutting all your hair off but at the end of it all, it’s all going to be worth it when you’re rocking that bomb twist out. Also, never compare your journey with anyone else’s because what works for them may not necessarily work for you. So do you! And love your hair.

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