Smooth like silk, Detroit native, Beth Griffith-Manley’s voice is that sound we’ve all been missing, but unbeknownst to us until she first stole our hearts on NBC’s, The Voice, we didn’t know we needed her talent. Naturally dipped in that chocolate brown skin tone that we love, the songwriter embraces all her beauty; from the inside out and uses it to teach other little brown girls to embrace their beauty and unique differences.

Mrs. Beth Griffith-Manley grew up during the iconic Motown era where music told stories of love, hope, empowerment, bliss, and breakups to romantically makeups – to some of the best music these ears have ever heard. Goosebumps music that makes hairs stand at attention, the triple threat, Griffith-Manley is being called the young lady with an old soul, resilience with a gorgeous smile to compliment her big heart.

With a voice that touches places that were dormant for years, Griffith-Manley’s voice soothes while comforting what ails you by pulling at your heartstrings with lyrics that guide you through this next stretch of your journey. Like Motown, music changes lives with the ability to teach to reach while shifting mindsets for the transitions we often need within our worlds.

Awakening the giant within, Griffith-Manley’s words, easily could be used as a daily mantra that sets the tone for our now moments, thereby ushering us into our future-with lyrics like: Every day, I look in the mirror & the mirror looking back at me, I see a girl so full of life, she just wants to be happy, I’ve been through some things … Time can heal a wound … I just wanna be free & release it … I been through some things -time to let it go … no more crying!”

Empowering words we all can use today, tomorrow and all throughout this lifetime because YOLO! Growing up a lot of little brown girls (and even today), and women don’t feel worthy, so your influential lyrics are needed to help them empower and love on themselves.

Within your album, you have lyrics that read as if a Motivational Coach delivered them to you- what’s the process for such prominent words of hope and encouragement?

In my lifetime, I’ve experienced learning me, trusting myself, knowing that I am worthy, and mastering that I am good enough. Sadly, low self-esteem- it’s something that a lot of us deal with. Admitting that this is in fact something I go through or endured oppose to pretending we always have it all together is the best way I can help others see themselves and address their flaws and get better. I wanted to write a song that spoke to exactly how I feel when looking in the mirror and learning ways to bypass the pain – which wasn’t always easy.

Set the scene, you’re back in Detroit – it’s the days of Motown and you’re a teenager & want to sing – what does that look like?

It took a minute. My Dad [the late Johnny Griffith was a member of the Grammy Award Winning Motown Band – The Funk Brothers – who created the legendary Motown Sound] was a Singer, so I grew up around musicians, entertainment, and I could always sing, but never wanted to be in the forefront.

When did you know you wanted to sing and be in the entertainment industry?

When I was young, I didn’t truly know what I wanted to do because I was still trying to figure me out. At one point, I was going through a lot because I was the skinniest, the darkest, I had big teeth, big eyes, I didn’t feel self-assured with my looks, so I had to learn that we all have to give ourselves time to grow into ourselves. In Junior High, I was in the band and very insecure, but stepping out front came so much later in life.

How was your experience being on NBC’s, The Voice?

I had a lot of fun being on The Voice and it was simply amazing. Going on the show was a huge opportunity for me – the saying if you want something different, you must do different things and that is why I wanted to get on The Voice. Living and working full time as an Artist is what all Musicians live for.

Often as an Artist, you must work side jobs and work your dream at night – that in and of itself isn’t easy. My first coach, Kelley Clarkson is so humble, and was the sweetest Coach, and taught me a lot about the business, and singing.

Working with John Legend was awesome as I aspire to achieve some of the things he has, I mean he has won a Tony, an Oscar, and a Grammy, which is rare, and that is something I want to do within my Music Career. With John Legend as my coach, it’s a tangible goal to achieve some of the same accolades.”

Three Beauty Secrets:

  • Drink plenty of water: When I don’t hydrate enough, I can tell within my skin because makeup doesn’t apply properly when I am not drinking water. Add lemon and limes to make water taste better.
  • Get adequate sleep: To Avoid puffiness. You can prevent bags & dark circles with adequate rest. When you sleep properly, you can function throughout your day properly and have less brain fog.
  • Eat healthy: I don’t eat red meat, but I do consume a minimal amount of chicken and fish. If you want to look vibrate and fresh, you must eat a low of raw colorful fruits and veggies.

How do you balance and juggling real life and building a music career after all these years?

With the support of her husband and family, living out her dreams isn’t easy, but The Manley’s make necessary adjustments as needed throughout her schedule often taking family with them on tour.

After The Voice, I must admit that I slacked a lot and once I get back home to Detroit, I will be starting a serious 21 Day Detox. My energy has been a little sluggish when I don’t sleep right, so I am an advocate for getting good rest. I don’t take power naps, my body requires a total recharge, so I go to bed – those are my naps, I sleep because I want to feel and look my best.

Balancing marriage, being on the road – caring for my elderly Mom who resides with me, it’s a lot but with my sister and husband, we make it work. They understand my life, scheduling, and my husband travels with me often. When my husband sees that I need rest or I am not at my best, he lets me know that it’s time to shut it down. We all need someone on our time to help us manage and juggle it all because it is a lot.

What’s next for Beth Griffith-Manley?

Working throughout the summer, enjoying it too while on tour with Kem as a background singer. My goal is to keep growing and being a student of the game while mastering my craft. Currently, we are on tour with Tom Joyner too as he’s retiring from Radio this year – plus I am doing my own shows, so I will be busy this summer with a full schedule.

If you could drop one thing to all the little brown girls who admire you – what would it be?

“You’re always going to be changing, evolving and developing – you’re going to one day be a grown woman, and throughout all the changes you should always be a nice person because when you’re nice you draw nice things to you.”

Beth Griffith-Manley’s lyrics teach lessons full of affirmations that address life, loss, family, balance, business, love, legacy building, and ways to truly live on purpose. Go purchase her album on her website, Follow her melodic musical voice, and life journey on Instagram. Her PR Contact is Amirakal Marketing at PR@AmirakalMarketing, and for Bookings get in touch with @CourtneyBenjaminMusic on IG of Benjamin Entertainment Group.


All images by Tyrone “T Money” Holmes | provided by Amirakal Marketing