We just learned that Netflix is releasing their first original African animated series titled, Mama K’s Team 4! The series is produced by South Africa’s award-winning Triggerfish Animation Studios and British kids’ and family entertainment production company, CAKE.

Follow along as four teenage girls live the futuristic version of Lusaka, Zambia. They are recruited by a retired secret agent to go on a mission to save the world!

Zambian writer, Malenga Mulendema created the series and it is designed by Cameroonian artist, Malcolm Wope.

In an official statement, Vice President of Original Animation at Netflix, Melissa Cobb shared, “‘Mama K’s Team 4’ has the potential to give a whole new generation of African children the opportunity to see themselves on screen in the powerful, aspirational characters they look up to.”



Featured Image: Courtesy of Netflix | image and information provided by Multicultural Publicity