It’s been crazy lately.  This quarantine life is becoming our new normal.  How can people remain calm? What do we tell our kids?  What about our jobs? Family? Homes? Although it’s quite scary to even consider yet this time truly brings about some overwhelming facts that we need to deal with.  Some are taking this time to deal with unfinished business while others are discovering a new career in homeschooling.

It’s important for us to recognize a few new things that may help us get through this time.  Here are 4 tips that may make this quarantine life suitable….for now:

  1.  No News!  LOL, staying up to date on current events is crucial.  However, watching the news all day during a pandemic can create anxiety.  You can become overly fixated on the current health crisis and every cough may scare you.  Once a day or even every other day should be ideal.
  2. Get some rest.  While most people are working from home or homeschooling, naps are still important to take.  Whether it’s 30 minutes or 2 hours, find some time. Toddlers aren’t the only ones who need to have quiet time.  Treat yourself. Your output will be more genuine and passionate.
  3. Family time is important.  We don’t have our normal hustle and bustle that can interfere with family time.  So use this time to have those family meetings, watch movies together, cook and eat a meal together or even clean the house as a family unit.  This time is priceless and can’t be bought.
  4. Handle your business.  Some of us are entrepreneurs, writers, crafters and more.  Find some quality time to finish projects that have been long overdue.  Invest in yourself and see it through. There’s literally no time like the present.


Whatever you do, please stay safe.  If you must, leave your home with caution for everyone.  We will get through this. Peace and Blessings!


Writer, C.Scott, is a published children’s book author, entrepreneur and mother of one daughter.