The independent designer i-am-chen set out for a whimsical show at Spring Studios on September 4. The highly anticipated collection consisted of refined knitwear which gave a nod to the 70s. Each look graced the runway adorned with retro styling. Square toe heels, colored eyewear, flipped hair, and fuzzy headbands were only a few of the nostalgia-inducing trends spotted. If that wasn’t retro enough, some models even trailed bright-colored plastic canister vacuum cleaners behind them.

The knitwear brand has a leg up on the rest of the industry with knits coming down the pipeline as a major trend for upcoming seasons. (Look forward to seeing knit tops, bottoms, cardigans—basically knit everything—as a major trend this fall and into spring). Here, we see whimsical color blocking, material mixing, and more relaxed and refined silhouettes. Models headed down the runway with cardigans tied around their shoulder Carlton Banks style.

Chen’s light-hearted collection satisfies every age range but is for the youthful at heart. Though buoyant, the unconventional yarns in Chen’s collection read as refined and sophisticated, not stuffy or puffy as typically associated with knitwear.

i-am-chen’s SS20 collection created a world where women felt empowered by nostalgia, stylishly comfortable, and optimistic.

Featured Image obtained on the official i-am-chen Instagram page.