The Shanghai-born brand, THREEGUNN celebrated its 82nd Anniversary with a runway show at Spring Studios. Attendees assembled in 50 Varick Street to witness the brand present a eclectically minimal collection. The line consisted primarily of loungewear and underwear and presented comfortable fabrics and easy materials. The sun peeked through the windows illuminating the white runway and the underwear-clad models. Models wore jelly sandals which nodded to nostalgia and perfectly accentuated the comfort-driven line.

Once the show transitioned to ready-to-wear, the audience’s eyes lit up. Tie-dye was spotted as a major trend for THREEGUNN. The collection showcased utility pockets, acid wash denim, laser-cut denim, ink-blotting, and mesh materials. The line was functional and practical; which will be a pleasure in the Summer months to come.

The major color palettes consisted of white, blue, black, and a slew of neutrals. These are key transitional colors as we move from Fall into Spring for Q1. With its refreshing take on undergarments, the 1930s-born company is working towards a goal of being a world-class underwear brand one fashion week at a time.

Featured Image obtained on Xinhuanet website | photo by Xinhua/Qin Lang