The sultry sounds of LennAsia Harvey have graced the tri-state and international stages for years! With an undeniable unique tone and timbre, Harvey’s voice is true art in it’s purest form.

The New Jersey native has been singing since she was a little girl, and began where many start…CHURCH. Harvey began singing spiritual songs where she realized “singing is truly my passion and I don’t know what my life would be like without it. I am forever grateful and I plan on sharing this gift with the world.”

Since her humble beginnings in church, Harvey has also been influenced by many other genres of music and artists including “Beyonce, Frank Ocean, Brandy, and Kierra Sheard. These artists have influenced either my singing or writing style throughout the years and I am extremely grateful for them.”

As the singer has looked to many artists for inspiration, we quickly moved on to what is actually “good music.” With various opinions of young and old alike, Harvey had an interesting take on the question. “Good music to me is music with a positive or relatable message. Nowadays, a lot of songs are being validated by the masses as “hits” but have no substantial lyrics, and usually just a good beat. Now don’t get me wrong, I like a lot of those songs too but there’s nothing like listening to your favorite artists and being able to identify with whatever emotions or feelings being expressed through their lyrics at that time. Personally, that makes me feel good, so I would call that good music.”

As the songstress has been influenced by the likes of popular artists, she is now stepping into the light with her voice and sound. The new single “Rollercoaster” released by Harvey featuring Cor Blanco, will have you bumpin’ in your car with the sound all the way up! The song was “inspired by my last relationship where I felt like things were becoming unpredictable between my partner and I. One minute we were good and in love, and the next minute we were arguing about trivial things. Honestly, I came to a point where I grew tired of the instability and had to ask myself, is this even worth it? And that’s how this song was conceived.” I think we can all relate to that one relationship we’ve had maybe once or even twice. Although this song will not be on the singer’s forthcoming EP, Harvey said: “this was the perfect single to get my supporters excited about new music that is soon to come.”

Stay up to date with the singer on Instagram @lennasiaunique_ and be sure to check out her single “Rollercoaster” on Spotify!

Photos provided by LennAsia Harvey