Get ready because we’re about to introduce you to something you never knew you needed in your life. Nicole’s Beauty Lounge was established back in 2016 and since then, they haven’t been able to stop providing the best beauty services in the city of Atlanta. With a team that specializes in professional waxing, tinting, microblading, facial treatments, lash serves, and makeup application, it’s no surprise why people love this unique, chic beauty lounge. We caught up with the founder, Nicole Nemiroff to discuss her devotion to providing all clients with the customer service they always wanted.

Tell us about yourself. Who is the creator of Nicole’s Beauty Lounge?

I’m 29. I’m from Pittsburgh, where I worked in the beauty industry for several years. After working for multiple salons over the past years, I realized that I thought I could do it better…….not to sound arrogant, but thought I could build a better experience for the client… I am actually the one who created the concept of Nicole’s Beauty Lounge, and am the owner.

It takes a lot of work to start a business…from permits, trademarks, business development etc….but it’s been worth it. As you may be aware, I was honored to receive this year’s 2019 Best Salon in ATL award from the…Atlanta Award Program which independently selects an outstanding company in various areas.

Can you tell us about inspiration to open up Nicole’s Beauty Lounge?

I went to beauty school in 2010. As I mentioned, I wanted to start my own business and every since I was a little girl, I loved working with makeup , etc etc…….I remember once my Dad asked me what was I doing cutting off all the Barbies hair.and putting make up on her….lol……and I said I was practicing for the future…

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You moved from Pittsburgh to Atlanta in order to open up the lounge, what made you want to make the big move and how would you describe the transition?

I noticed early on that I had pretty good “hand -eye” coordination which is very important in the beauty industry. The more symmetrical….a person’s face is, meaning that one side of the face looks similar at the same angle, shape and position as the other, the more likely people will find that pleasing to their eye………Since my Dad’s a surgeon, perhaps I inherited some of my ‘eye hand coordination’ and precision from him lol.

The transition has not always been easy. There are ALWAYS ups and downs in starting a business. Sometimes you have to make decisions based on very little information…but I try to gather up all the facts , before making a decision…and ask for help from others….when I’m unsure…My Dad and Stepmom Patrice have been extremely supportive in coming out to the store to visit, give suggestions, ideas and sometimes, just plain emotional support. I’ve been lucky to have them help me…….but at the end of the day, as the business owner, it all rests on my shoulders.

photo by Quture Media | Instagram

What all does the lounge have to offer?

We offer facials, microblading, body waxing, a variety of eyelash services, and we specialize in eyebrow waxing and tinting. I also have my own skin care line called NBL Cosmetics.

It is clear Nicole’s Beauty Lounge was created in order to give others confidence and make them feel good about themselves but what other goals do you have set for the lounge?

When a client comes in for a service…they are met by our friendly staff…..and my hope is that it’s so much more than just a ‘service’, but rather a warm, fun, relaxing experience…that every girl [and even guys] needs and deserves…..

Over time, I hope to offer even more services, and perhaps eventually franchise NBL……for now I’m focused on providing the best experience possible. Most important, I don’t view my job or career as work…since I really love what I do. There’s nothing better than making a person feel a little better about themselves when the leave the shop.

Again, I was honored to received the 2019 Salon of the year award in Atlanta….and promise to do all I can to continue in being helpful to others and successful…..

Part of my success is something called the four “A” of success…which are

  1. ability…you to be good at what you do
  2. affordability…….it’s not fair to gauge people…and you need a fair price
  3. affability…meaning ..just being pleasant and nice to people

and lastly

  1. availability…..meaning that you try to accommodate to your clients needs….


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