Valentine’s Day should be a day where people celebrate their love for themselves and the special people in their lives, but it turns out, the day can also be a day of sadness for many who feel alone. SHEEN took the time to sit down and talk with author, minister and life and love coach Wendi J. Turner, who has spent 15 years leading a journey of enlightenment and now she is providing tips on how singles can still enjoy this day.

Her book, entitled Y.O.U. Are Powerful, provides six dynamic principals to follow that allow people the space and opportunity to understand their true inner-power for enhancing their lives, noting, “We are people to be understood and respected, [which] is at the core of all people, so if we understand ourselves then we can navigate through this thing called life.”

Needless to say, when it comes to balancing life and relationships, the Houston, Texas-native knows a thing or two, so whether you’re single by choice or due to a break-up, Turner’s advice is sure to bring some joy back into the holiday and help you beat the Valentine’s Day blues.

Reject the false mirror

According to Turner, oftentimes, Valentine’s Day beacons a false reality for people of the current states of their lives. This falsehood, she concurs, creates negative self-talk and doubt that induces low self-esteem for some who may feel that they are unworthy because they are without a mate showering them with gifts.

However, she explains, it’s important to consciously counter these negative thoughts by digging deep within yourself and rejecting those beliefs and staying focused on the fact that it’s just one day.

Enjoy a stay-cation

Who says it’s wrong to show yourself some TLC this season. Not Turner. In fact, the love/life coach encourages singles to enjoy a “stay-cation” and just “chill.”

Take self-inventory

Turner believes in the power of writing things down, stating, “Write down what you’re tolerating and you’ll see what’s depleting your energy.”

It’s in this exercise that people can begin to note how low Valentine’s Day actually is on their priority list.

Give Love

This holiday is a day to honor love and what better way to do that than to give it away to the ones who may need it the most. Honor the holiday this year and shower your fellow man with love and encouragement by volunteering at a homeless shelter, a retirement community or a hospice.

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