Ahh, a week of realizations. That’s exactly what this week was for me. During the second week of my journey, I began to notice all of the features I loved of myself. It sounds kind of selfish and cocky but coming from a person with ZERO self confidence when it comes to rocking a bare face, that’s a lot.

I mentioned in the first week my face began to break out and while this week it is still adjusting to the change, to be honest, it really did not bother me that much. I’m slowly beginning to just not care when I leave the house in the mornings because regardless of how I feel, I’ve committed myself to no make-up this month so there is absolutely no point in being upset anymore.

Overall, Week 2 was an improvement. As I let all of the negativity go, it became easier for me to truly begin loving myself.

Hey, this no make up thing could really work out after all..