As much as we love vegan and cruelty-free products, we’ve got to show some love to all the beauty brands that are saving the planet.

Let me explain, not only is it important for us to embrace the mantra, “reduce, reuse, and recycle” in life but it’s also important that we embrace that saying in our beauty lives. It’s something most of us don’t think about but here are some numbers for you to ponder on so that you may consider purchasing from brands that would benefit the Earth in the end.

There is over 40% of plastic usage in beauty and the packaging but guess what? Only 14% of it is only being recycled. Ouch, bet that got your mind thinking right?

Well, we’ve done all the hard work for you and picked out five of our favorite beauty brands that are out here saving the Earth through their packaging.

photo obtained from lush usa


Lush’s recycling policy is too easy not to give up. If you return five of the black pots (packaging for most products), Lush will give you a free Fresh Face Mask! It’s as easy as that, folks!

photo obtained from mac cosmetics


M.A.C. Beauty OG, MAC Cosmetics rewards all their customers that return six empties for recycling with a free lipstick. I don’t know about you but that’s an offer I can’t let up!

photo obtained from eos


EOS If you aren’t familiar with the adorable chapsticks that have taken over the drugstore, you need to hop on board! You can mail back all your empties from EOS for FREE and for every pound that you return, the brand will donate $1 to a school or non-profit organization.

photo obtained from kiehl’s


Kiehl’s After you’ve finished all your full-size Kiehl’s skincare bottle, you will receive one stamp. Once you’ve racked up ten stamps, you get a free travel-sized product!

photo obtained from aether beauty

Āether Beauty

Just last year, Āether Beauty created a brand that is zero-waste and entirely recyclable eyeshadow palette? Hey, if this brand can do it, all you other can too! Tiila Abbitt, the founder of the brand has launched eyeshadow palettes and single eyeshadow pans that are made with tin so that they can be recycled as well.