“Community leaders Lavar Jacobs expresses the importance of breast cancer awareness, 365!”

Not Just October is Lavar Jacobs’ passion, purpose, and mission. His belief is that breast cancer awareness should be yearlong and not just in October. His nonprofit organization makes life a little easier for women battling breast cancer by offering services such as lawn care, carpet cleaning, snow removal, custom wigs, transportation, and a host of other services.

I understand your mother passed away from breast cancer in 2009 at the age of 49. Do you mind sharing her battle with the disease?

My mother and I were best friends. I was there for her the whole time and was in the room when she passed away. She went through chemotherapy, radiation, and a mastectomy. Everything was okay for about a year or two; she was very guarded with what was going on. The cancer came back again and it spread to her brain. I think she was ready to pass away. She stopped eating well and would stay up all night watching television while drinking pop. My mother was a Jehovah Witness and I think she thought she would be one of the 144,000 people that will go to heaven.


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