LumiBloom founder, Mackenzie Hill is a straight up hustler! No really, aside from building her empire through her hair company, the die-hard fashionista is also a beast on the track field as an Olympic hopeful for the 2019-2020 Olympic Games. LumiBloom is not your average hair brand, it’s a lifestyle. It was created to empower women from the inside out, LumiBloom offers high-quality human hair but also offers tea, shampoo, and vitamins to achieve that healthy hair and skin you’ve always wanted! In this exclusive interview with Sheen, MacKenzie Hill opens up about life as a boss on an off the track field.

Tell our readers about yourself, what inspired you to create LumiBloom?
First of all, I love changing up my look. I am a person who loves going from long hair to short, straight hair to curly hair, I even like to add color and the way I look at is this: it is an extension to my own personality. I’m bold, upbeat, classy, all wrapped up into one (laughs). I really enjoy just speaking to young girls and women about the importance of health/wellness and having confidence in all that they do. I’m someone that likes new experiences, I want to experience things for myself but I also like sharing those experiences with other people. If you’re not exposed to something, you’ll never know what is possible.

As far as what inspired LumiBloom, I also run track but I wanted my next venture to be something that I am passionate about. Like I said, I love helping and speaking to women and I also love beauty/fashion. It kind of came together on its own. My love for hair and fashion and for helping women find their own confidence so it all tied in together. If you look good, you feel good (laughs).

Tell us about your experience on the track field, do you believe being an athlete has played a role in the hustle you put into your business?
Most definitely! I think that the experiences and lessons I’ve learned in track and field have definitely played a role in business. I started track when I was in high school. Every time I turned around, I was reciting different lessons, whether it’s something my coach told me or things I’ve learned from time management. I think my own drive and determination that I cultivated from the track taught me how to get up and keep going. It’s the same thing I need to do in business.

How would you describe being an athlete while being a successful female owner?
(Laughs). I would describe it as intense (laughs). I wake up in the morning and the first thing I’m doing is checking my e-mail. At the same time, I have to pull myself together to get ready for practice. I’m at the track for three to four hours. I have a 45-minute break where I make calls, check e-mails, and then I’m in the weight room for two and a half hours. After that, I get something to eat and figure out what I need to do next. By the time I’m able to sit down and be creative and put my full attention to it, it’s probably 5 o’clock in the evening. I often take conference calls in the evenings. With all of this, I have to find time to rest because I’m also asthmatic. It’s intense and it calls for a lot of time management and thinking through what I need to get done. I have to be mentally strong and focused on my business and also for my sport.

Why was it so important to create a brand that empowers women to find their confidence?
That was really important to me just because I understand and I know what confidence can do for you. If you have confidence, there are no boundaries. You can get whatever you want! I wanted other women to be empowered to have that confidence as well as to define what beauty and success mean to them. LumiBloom is a great platform, it’s hair, extensions, vitamins, and tea. It is all things that help nourish your body from the inside out. It’s not all about the weave though, I just want people to feel good about themselves.

What can we expect to see from Mackenzie Hill and LumiBloom in the future?

Well! Most definitely, you can expect to see Mackenzie Hill on the 2019 USA World Team and on the 2020 Olympic team (laughs) those are my short-term athletic goals. I have been working really hard and that is where I want to be.

You can also see me in the future as an advocate for women and girls in the health and entrepreneur space! That is something I am also really passionate about.

As far as LumiBloom, as a lifestyle brand that cultivates a group of women and a movement!


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