From producing, to his roles on camera – Freddy Ramsey Jr. does it all!

When Freddy Ramsey Jr. decided to choose the arts over the game, things got a lot more interesting! Since the big decision, Ramsey has starred in films like Where the Water Runs, South Central Love, and Still Broke. This actor/producer has the grit and grind of B.More with the cool nature of Los Angeles and we had to get the inside scoop on his journey!

Tell me about your journey into the acting world.

When I got recruited to play football at Frostburg State University, I had to take an art credit to fulfill a GenEd, and my coach recommended a theater course – intro to acting. I ended up falling in love with it, and then the next year the team lost their starting receivers because I wast cast in a musical.

After I did the musical, my whole life changed. I changed my major to sociology and history, with a minor in theater and African American history. After graduating, I didn’t know what to do so I moved to Pittsburgh and became a teacher, before I eventually auditioned for graduate school, and left for the California Institue of the Arts. It was a blessing. I got to film a little bit, and in my last year, I produced my first film called No Place, which did a festival run from Atlanta to Florida.


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