Young African American model to walk among all adults in New York Fashion Week.

Viral sensation, Celai West (& yes, it’s on her birth certificate) is dominating runways, turning her walks into clicks on these Internet streets. She is raising the bar and setting the standard for all those who want to be just like her when they grow up. Celai is the first African American child model to walk in an adult lineup during New York Fashion Week. Her presence is awe-inspiring and of the old soul variety, and while watching her walk, witnessing her poise, one feels her “I’ve been here before” aura.

How did you get discovered?

At the age of three, a photographer approached my mom saying he wanted to shoot me, and my and I said, “Whattttt?” The photographer then explained it and after my first shoot, he said I was a natural.

Do you ever get nervous before you walk?

No, I don’t get nervous before walking because I always try to think positive. If I think I will fall, then I will fall. I always pray and tell myself, “Celai, you got this. You’re going to be amazing,” and then I do a great job.

Doing the most at such a young age she’s seriously keeping others on their toes. Celai West got next – nahhh scratch that… she has NOW! With an elegant style and grace beyond her years, she is the poster child for how young girls breaking into the industry should represent their beauty – head on – no pun intended.

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Featured Image by Al Shae Photography